breathable wet weather gear?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by HappyLarry, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. I sweat like a hog in a sauna when I am wearing a nylon jacket over my normal training gear when it is wet out.
    Now it works brilliantly in that it is obviously completely water proof - at least from the outside in. However, water production INSIDE seams to make up for a good deal of it!
    Are their better more breathable options for wet weather gear? Ones that don't trap the heat and create their own ecosystem? Maybe it is a contradiction in terms, weather proof and breathable or whatever.
    I was hoping someone might have an idea or some tips.
  2. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    For running / training in light rain you might like to consider a lightweight, windproof, water repellent / resistant jacket. As soon as you go to waterproof the jacket gets less breathable. It's surprising how much a windproof shell with water repellent finish will keep out.

    If you must have waterproof then an eVent (waterproof breathable membrane) jacket is more breathable than Gore-Tex was - I say 'was' because Gore keep people on their toes by continually renaming and tweaking so it's difficult to be sure which is the outright breathability champion at any given point.

    A cheaper option for a waterproof breathable jacket is a waterproof breathable coating. These have traditionally be seen as inferior to membranes (Gore-Tex / eVent), but are approaching the breathability of membranes now. Exact figures are at best very difficult to come by unfortunately as there is no industry-wide meaningful comparative measure.

    In summary my advice would be try a windproof water-repellant shell jacket or if you must have waterproof and have lots of money then look for an eVent shell. Finally if you must have waterproof and don't have so much money look for a shell jacket with a waterproof breathable coating. Buy from a good manufacturer and you should be OK.

    And last but by no means least - try and get something with under-arm zips. A hole under the arm beats the breathability of everything else hands-down!

    Any help?
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  3. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    A good example of a reasonably priced lightweight waterproof breathable jacket using a coating rather than a membrane: Berghaus Elite Half Zip

    Edit: bugger, no pit zips.
  4. Basically what The Tribe says.

    Breathability tends to increase in direct proportion to "Cost x How waterproof the jacket isn't" - so get something that works for the conditions you're using it in. If you're walking in the pouring rain, then eVent or Goretex, if you're running in drizzle then forego some of the waterproofing for increased breathability.
  5. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    Actually while I'm on one of my favourite subjects (yes, seriously), just as important if you buy a breathable waterproof is what you wear underneath. Throw away the cotton gym t-shirt and get a wicking base layer. It's really important for the performance of the jacket. OK, and now I must do some work!
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  6. Is this what you're looking for?


    Breathable.....just look at those lungs!!!!!!
  7. This_Tribe_Rob

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    Ahhh... nothing like some wet tits to cheer the day up. Do you think she needs any advice about waterproof breathable clothing? email address?
  8. Now wet and that are perfect!
  9. I have a Paramo Taiga fleece with the Fuera windproof top that fits over the fleece. Nice stuff that does what it says on the tin but I can't claim to have tested it to any extreme. My outdoor activity these days is confined to caravanning. The Paramo stuff is well made though, looks reasonably good and the abundance of pockets on the Taiga makes it a good jacket for carrying stuff.
  10. a great help thanks indeed.

    I think you are spot on with the windproof plus repellent finish. Do you have any good low budget models in mind?

    And I do wear standard cotton gym gear under the jacket. I'm going to have to research that!

    Any more insights/personal experience much appreciated - fascinating topic to me at least!!
  11. Try using an eVent fabric,does not suffer from the condensation build up that Gortex can do.Also use a good baselayer with moisture wicking properties like Rab Meco made out of merino walk and Cocona.
  12. I use a Concurve running gear goretex jacket for when its hosing down and when its a light drizzle I tend to wear a Pertex jacket - more to stop a chill than keep the water off. Underneath I wear a wicking t-shirt, not one of the nylon plasticky feeling ones as they tend to get really stinky as soon as you start "glowing", I found some that are a poly cotton type mix and are more crowd friendly once used. Underneath a jacket in really cold weather I used to wear thin long sleeved wicking tops with a zip a bit like a Norwegian shirt, I got them from Blacks.
  13. Trying to keep dry whilst running is a bit futile, given the sweat output there should be.

    I use good old Ron Hill running jackets over (very old style) Helly Hansen tops. RH does a range of (pertex?) jackets from very lightweight up to a sort of over-tracksuit shower proof with a hood. They're all well ventilated, and keep the wind chill off the sweat layer - which is the main issue.
  14. This_Tribe_Rob

    This_Tribe_Rob Sponsor

    We haven't started selling civvy kit yet so I haven't had a look at most of the latest ranges other than while nosing around Blacks / Cotswold Camping. One that may be worth a look is this from Keela though:

    Neutronic Smock Jacket - Active Layers - Mid/Base Layers

    I've been impressed with Keela's products so far (we stock their Belay duvet jacket and a wicking top)- technically very good and fashion is very much second place to function. They're UK made and good value as you're not paying for an outdoor fashion brand etc. Also the reviews in that link above give it very good reports.

    The DWR in "high DWR finish" they refer to is "durable water repellent".