Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by neanderthal, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. Page 5 of The Sunday Times carries an article recounting that the President of the GMC is calling for surgeons to be routinely breathalysed and tested for drugs before they are allowed to operate. The President's call is in response to a report, to be published next month, which shows an alarming rise in the number of doctors disciplined for drink and drug problems.

    The move is strongly opposed by the BMA and RCN, which dismissed it as a "gross infringement of human rights".

    The President of the GMC countered, "I don't see why doctors should claim to be different [from other public sector workers] and not have tests imposed upon them. Medics shouldn't be exempt."

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    If it's good enough for all rail-workers it should be good enough for a surgeon.
  3. not being in the proffession myself, but who would carry out the tests?
    but yes why not, they should have nothing to fear!!
  4. Agree ! My surgeon in Catterick stunk of whiskey, but what could I say? He was a Colonel!
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Goes to prove I should get my eyes tested. I went for the topic as I thought it said "Breast Tests for Surgeons"...... :roll:
  6. Agree they are amongst a group in a high-pressured field.
    If I go to work at 7.00 and I’ve been drinking I can feel a little off and slow, but my off slow days don't cost lives.

    Also noted is a rise in the number of doctors and surgeons taking drugs.

    I’d refuse to let a taxi driver take me on a journey if he stunk of drink, why should I let a surgeon operate on me or a member of my family if he did?

    The General Medical Council should administer the tests; they have a lot of say in the way a surgeon operates and influence the RCS in registration.

    An option might be to make it compulsory for renewal of registration....

    I think we've seen to many f*ck ups on grand scales not to make it compulsory....

    If you have nothing to fear this should be a platform you should endorse if you want to raise the level of your profession back to the God status of old...
  7. Been out of the NHS 16 years so no comment on drugs BUT I do remember
    the smell of booze on the breath of a few doctors.
    I say go for it- Test em and bin the guilty before I need surgery.
  8. Shame it wasn't brought in when we had a few Hospitals left in Germany. A few surgeons would be looking at the nasty end of a court martial by now :roll:

    Still as everybody else has to operate with certain rules and restrictions, surgeons should be no exemption. Especially as they are a worker with the life of someone in their hands.
  9. Although there was a very limited number of respondants, all would support the GMC in introducing alcohol testing. (Cutaway excepted, although perhaps breast tests for surgeons might have been a more interesting thread.)

    I read in the week's Economist an article on page 26, commenting on the prevalence of drug testing of employees in the US. It seems that by 1995, 95% of companies that list in Fortune 500 had a drug testing policy (up from <5% in 1982).

    Although we the military, have random compulsory testing what about a move to regular testing (notwithstanding the budgetary and cost implications).

    Where is it appropriate to draw the line? Should we test everyone or just those groups whose actions (if drug or booze impaired) could be detrimental to others?
  10. deleted
  11. Bit of an elitist statement - may be those in a position of responsibility should warm to the need to be taken to task over their ability to perform.

    In the RADC a number officers stink of it, but alas they use the untouchable card - one day is all it takes to be caught out

    The main thrust of the problem is the "brush carpet" syndrome - and who will rat on me - well in this new TB world people do become whistleblowers and to the detriment of the DMS.

    Lots of things in the past have been glossed over – soon all will come out
  12. No statement of elitism intended. If you have a position of responsibility, your action if impaired by booze or drugs could be detrimental to others, but then again so could a Pte soldier who is given the task of driving a TCV full of personnel at 0800hrs. Said Pte got in from the lash at 0600.

    This isn't about rank, it is about personal responsibility and how an individual's actions may adversely affect others.

    I don't see what amkes a fang farrier untouchable. We have too many of and could certainly lose a few pour encourager les autres.