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Why are they important?

Germany has a slight heat thing going on at the moment, so breasts ( or there covering) are on show.

Why do I focus on these 2 items first?
Every man has a suckling fetish...reminds them of when they were protected in the mothers' bosom and found sustenance and love.

or something like that, according to Cosmo mag and girlie books...

I think its just 'cause they're so much fun to play with...
Mine make handy 'sit upon cushions' for picnics too in this hot weather, just sling em under your legs and there you have a nice padded seat!!
If you need to ask then you must be a raving pansy.

They ARE. That's enough for us straight blokes. And lesbians.

So. man the fu[/b]ck up, and go look at some tits.
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