breasts poll-size or shape?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by puzzledgrunt, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. both

  2. neither

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  3. one of each

  4. who cares, as long as she swallows

  5. whats Nigella'sLawsons cup size

  6. thank you but I am growing my own

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  1. 1.both

    2.neither of each

    4.who cares, as long as she swallows?

    5.what's Nigella Lawson's cup size?PHWOOOOAR! :twisted:

    6.edited to add-thank you, but I'm growing my own

    poll added, even if it is bone :wink:
  2. Love to see them FF-G chebs giggle!
  3. its normal when posting a poll to include a ............ poll....

    edited to add....just noted you're a grunt, all is forgiven
  4. [​IMG]

    Miss A Poll

    Happy now?
  5. Putties, I watched that for ages, better than porn (nearly). In fact I would liken the experience to looking at the bra pages in your mams club book when I was a kid.

    Please don't say I was the only one to do that!
  6. Can't have been. Mam didn't run a club book.

    Sister-in-law did, though. I used to babysit quite often. :oops:
  7. Only just read this.
    Strange that I should have exactly the same bookmark available to use on another thread in here this morning.
    A case of 'fools seldom differing' no doubt. :)
  8. No but mine did which was my point.

    Edit for being thick!
  9. You're quite right, but I couldn't get the b@stard to work :oops: -hence my username.
  10. Size is good but shape just about shades it for me. Having said that, a shapely large tit is a hell of a lot more interesting than a shapely small tit...
  11. ....Although the sweat rash under a large pair can be a bit off-putting.

    It's a good idea to hang her by the heels from the door frame and have a good wipe round with a towel before getting down to business.
  12. I distinctly remember telling you that my SOPs were RESTRICTED and not for communication to unauthorized personnel...
  13. Yes, but this isn't in Multinational..... ;)