Breaking - US Congresswoman shot dead

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. Just breaking, US Congresswoman, Gabrielle Gifford (Dem.-Arizona) was shot dead in Arizona. Reports are that 12 people were shot and 5 of them are dead are dead. Ms Giffords husband is astronaut Mark Kelly. Ms Gifford was shot in the head.
  2. oh dear, random nutter or terrorist?
  3. Terrorism, or just some ******** going postal?
  4. just been checking her out online, seems she was pro-choice so possibly anti-abortionists

    BBC news24 have just said shes not dead but undergoing emergency surgury to head injury, hope they're right
  5. BBC website says she's dead, gunman arrested.
  6. The anti-abortion mob have previous, though usually they shoot doctors who have carried out abortions.

    But also worth remembering that the only major terrorist attack on US soil post 9/11 was the shooting of soldiers at Fort Hood.
  7. Mixed reports as to whether she is alive. The county Sheriff says she is dead.

    Her husband, Captain Mark Kelly USN is a decorated for valor veteran if the Gulf war.
  8. She also served on several congressional committees - including Armed Forces and Foreign Affairs...
  9. one report says its a teenager/20-something and hes in custody

    possibly anti-abortion, neo-nazi (shes jewish) random loon or just someone out to make a name for themselves
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  11. Whatever the reason, she did'nt deserve it. And neither did the other poor buggers who got hit.

    RIP, and condolances to the families.
  12. very true and i share your sentiments

  13. Currently mixed reports as to whether dead or in surgery.

    she may be D and I am R but I agree fully.

    News reports here are that the FBI is taking over the investigation which FYI is normal procedure for assassination or attempt on a Federal official.

    Her Husband is Captain Mark Kelly. Her brother in law is her husband's identical twin, Captain Scott Kelly USN who also an astronaut and is currently in space as commander of the International Space Station.
  14. Do Congressmen/women usually have security when in public, or is it decided on a case by case basis?