Breaking the iHabit

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Legs, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. I am considering defecting from iPhone. I think I may have to keep the iPod and iPad (unless something as good can be shown to me very, very soon). But what about the music I have purchased on iTunes. Is there any way to get that onto (for example) a Galaxy S3? And all the gadgets that connect to the iPhone (stereo, docks, car stereo etc)? Can they be converted or are there equivalent items? Is there a real alternative to the iPad that does things as well?
  2. As far as I am aware, any device with a USB adaptor that is "Designed for iOS" will only see your phone as an external drive, and many (all that I've seen/paid attention to) don't bother with that, they go for the full on control option. Anything that just has the aPple connector will be a paperweight.
  3. dont have an iPhone/iPad/iPod am i missing out?
  4. iPhone - no
    iPad - maybe
    iPod - yes (if it's a touch)
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  5. SO probably keep the iPod as my main music storage and playing device, ditch the iPhone for a Galaxy S3; but what about the iPad? Are there any real alternatives?
  6. A laptop.
  7. Bad CO

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    First of all congratulations. I believe that step one involves admitting you have a problem! Fortunately there is a higher power that can help you out and it's name is Google......

    You can still use iTunes and sync it with Android devices. I do it with my phone and tablet all the time. There are loads of solutions in the play store to allow this.

    If you want to replace your iPad then I'd strongly recommend the nexus 7. You might worry about the reduction in size from an iPad but the portability and weight difference more than compensate in my opinion. Plus it is much, much cheaper.

    I'd also ditch the iPod in favour of putting your music on your phone.

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  8. It depends what you want. I like the iPad for doing a bit of browsing,reading news etc if I'm kept waiting somewhere as it wakes up so fast, and also being able to browse iTunes on the MacPro and "throwing" it onto the AppleTV to watch on the telly (sequence shortened). I don't think anything else wakes as fast, and not sure about the Apple Remote part
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  9. I'm looking to get rid of my iphone in December for a Galaxy Note 2. And I want to be able to convert my itunes onto the Galaxy.
    Having looked at that site and admittedly being a techno biff, I couldn't understand any of it.
    What am I missing? Other than a brain.
  10. I have an ipod which is fine - no need for change.
    I inherited my wifes iphone 3GS when she upgraded - and gave it to someone else
    I have to use an ipad for the single app developed for my work (not on other gadgets) and its poor.

    They say to make it easier to use we should use a bluetooth keyboard - that would be like a laptop then but without a mouse.
    £329 spunked away on overhyped crap IMO.
  11. Honestly, that was just genuine frontier gibberish to me.
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  12. Ditto. One of the reasons I've become an iAddict, is that they're nice and simple. I don't understand anything that you've written there. I recognise most of the words, but what the actual sentences mean is beyond me. I don't want to learn a new language to use a device.
  13. Send key setting, over.
  14. We appreciate the help.
    But it seems we are all techno biffs and have only just begun to understand the on/off button of our devices.