Breaking The Broken Convenant

Taking his lead from pledge breaker Clegg, Mr Camerons' recent words have a hollow ring:

"Whether it's the schools you send your children to, whether it's the healthcare that you expect, whether it's the fact that there should be a decent military ward for anyone who gets injured, I want all these things refreshed and renewed and written down in a new military covenant that's written into the law of the land."


Defence Secretary Liam Fox, has now downgraded the proposal. Fox said ministers were putting into law only "a requirement for the government to make an annual report to parliament on everything that is being done to live up to the covenant on things like healthcare, housing and education".

Fox added: "In the difficult economic circumstances the government has inherited, where all parts of society are having to make sacrifices, repairing the covenant will not be straightforward."

Why are we suprised? A GP running the military and a prick running the country...come the revolution etc
LOL, Sir aplogise, and retract my statement regarding that branch of medicine and palpative care which has been mentioned in the same breath as that individual.
I don't believe that our government regardless of party had any intention of repairing the long broken Military covenant.

It was all word play bull, Or in plain English, a pack of lies!

Hey, we are dealing with government ministers here don't forget.

Our Military have always been****ed over by our government's regarding this "phantom" convenant....... Why break the habit of a life time ??

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