Breaking on Sky - US Patriot Missile Systems Deployed To Turkey

The deployment along the Syrian border comes as world leaders warn President Assad against using chemical weapons.

Nato has given the go ahead for Patriot surface-to-air missiles to be deployed along Turkey's border with Syria, according to an official.

Turkey, which has strongly supported rebels fighting to overthrow President Bashar al Assad, said it wanted the missile interceptor systems to counter the threat of attacks from Syrian weapons, possibly carrying chemical weapons.

Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen was expected to confirm the military alliance's support for the deployment in an announcement later on Tuesday in Brussels.

The move comes after Mr Rasmussen joined the US, France and other Western nations warned Mr Assad against using chemical weapons against his own citizens.

"If anybody uses chemical weapons, I would expect an immediate reaction from the international community," he said.

"Syrian stockpiles of chemical weapons are a matter of great concern."

US intelligence officials on Monday said they had detected signs the Syrian government was moving chemical weapons components around within several sites in recent days. The activities involved movement within the sites, rather than the transfer of components in or out of various sites, two of the officials said.

Syria is believed to have hundreds, if not thousands, of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, a blistering agent, and the more lethal nerve agents sarin and VX, experts say.

In July, Syria threatened to use chemical and biological weapons if it was attacked by a foreign attack, in what was the regime's first acknowledgement that it possessed weapons of mass destruction.

However, it quickly tried to clarify its comments, saying "all of these types of weapons - if any - are in storage and under security".

Turkish territory has been hit by rockets and mortars during the conflict across the border and thousands of Syrian refugees are living in makeshift camps in the country.

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Patriot Missile Systems To Be sent To Turkey
Surprised it too this long for it to happen really. Perhaps it'll make Assad more wary of poking the Turks with sticks or having a crack too close to the border.

As to the nasties Assad is supposed to have stored up, if the little weasel feels cornered enough I wouldn't be surprised at him using it


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For sale. Dossier. One careful owner. Slightly dodgy. Buyer collects or may swap for a jet-ski.
Be better off deploying SCUDS - as far as I recollect every time they fired a SCUD during GW1 it brought down half a dozen Patriots!

That'll be my taxi then....
I wonder if their chem weapon warheads are unitary?

scud busting one of those could be interesting, particularly if you're observing from downwind.


I think he'll see the light and do a runner to anyone that will offer him a safe haven, can't see him doing a Saddam and hiding in a hole
I think he'll see the light and do a runner to anyone that will offer him a safe haven, can't see him doing a Saddam and hiding in a hole
Would need to be somebody with a fair bit of clout, or people will be falling over themselves to crash their stealth helicopters on missions to bring him to justice (or stiff him).


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Straying of-topic for a moment, I would love to know how Google predictive ads work. Given the subject under discussion is somebody trying to tell me I should stockpile?



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WMD? I assume Assad now has the use of the weapons Saddam didn't have. But when it was Tony Blair, and stick would do to beat a dog.
But Saddam did have them during the Iran/Iraq War, he did have them in 1990/1991, but chose not to use them during the Gulf War as he was detereed by the fact that US nuclear weapons in were in theatre. If post war inspections etc had not taken place, he still would have had them in 2003.

Assad's regime has never been subject to things like inspections.
The other option is that it's NATO gear near the border rather than just Turkish, probably a hint to the Syrians that it's not something they want to hit by accident.
Patriot's PR is somewhat better than its actual performance. Turkey will be safer but mainly down to who owns the System as opposed to what the System can do!!!

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