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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by emptyeye, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. He's been released without charge.
  2. Good..... but s**t sticks.....lets see what the following days bring
  3. which rag do you work for ?
  4. Oh that will be the *done my 24 odd years and got very cynical in my old age rag*..or is it the *released without charge but I bet his feet are in the CO's in tray rag*...or better still...

    DONT TAR ME WITH ANY CIVVIE JOURNALIST SHITE.............Just a guy whos done his time and doesnt like being accused of being a civvie....ex serviceman if you bloody well please!!!!
  5. Empty,
    After a mere 12 posts and such a petulant response, I suspect you may have to work a little harder to convince people...

    Here is a free tip for you, entering posts that appear to be trying to solicit information about an ongoing "scandal" is not really the behaviour of a squaddie past or present. Demanding that people give you respect for your status is the sign that you are a member of an airsoft club or worse that you failed basic training (under the recent low standards); so do yourself a favour my friend stop being a prick and people might give you the time of day...