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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by noodlenoggin, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Just seen this on the BBC website....

    I assume this will mean my application is rejected/suspended as I am only in the initial stages (just sent my medical RG8 form back)?
  2. Really? It is to me; although I realised there had been major cuts but a complete halt in all training for 6 months is something I wasn't aware of!
  3. Have you looked at the forums at all?
  4. Oh, FFS, Have a look here
  5. WOW!! :omg: I have never seen that happen before! 6 months with no training in the Terriers because the Government is skint. :omfg: And how it it that Labour has managed to create a 65% drop in manning the reserve force since they took office? Been busy I dare say. :wink:
  6. Officer material! :D
  7. if the rumour is anywhere near true, recruitment is still going on .. what you would do once thats complete is another guess ..

    Business as usual till you hear different ...
  8. Do keep up..........
  9. OK, I apologise for not looking at the 'Just TA' forum before my 'Titanic has Sunk' posting. :oops:
  10. I'm sure I'm living through a Life on Mars moment. This happened back in the late 1960's when many units downsized to 8 man cadres. There was also a Labour Government, the country was broke and there were post strikes...
  11. Stop panicking. Training is not ceasing, there has been a leak of information which hasn't been confirmed yet by either the MOD or the chain of command. And indeed, very few articles at all other than the primary piece in the Times. Training is continuing at all levels until you hear further through your own respective chain of command. I would expect a briefing by your unit OC on your next drill night to give an update to the situation, in the meantime, keep calm and carry on... :-D
  12. Dont apologise mate,you obviously dont live on this web site unlike other losers :wink:
  13. Of course no apology is necessary however for some of us this is the best place to get news and certainly discuss what we enjoy/hate about the TA. Loser is not a category I would put many here in though it does beggar the question regarding people who suggest that. :roll: