(Breaking News) Shots fired on Plane

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Red Shrek, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. On CNN there is breaking news that Federal Air Marshalls fired shots on a plane in Miami.I think it was till on the runway
  2. OK its been confirmed as an air marshall. The shot was fired because a passenger made a threatening move and was shot. He's been wounded but not in serious condition
  3. Aparently it had landed when it happened
  4. American Airlines plane, no casualties have been taken off the plane.

    passemger claimed to have a bomb, was challenged by air marshall, passenger ran off from plane and was shot as he appeared to be reaching into a bag..
  5. Well if that is the case, then said passenger is a thundering gobshite... :evil:
  6. Does this finally justify the placing of Sky Marshals on commercial airliners? Even if the pasenger was talking bo11ocks?
  7. I'm surprised they bother with Sky Marshalls... from an economic point of view surely it would be better to invest that money in intelligence???

  8. That can be said for half the passengers on domestic american flights! :twisted:
  9. he may be from Brazil... uh oh!
  10. ...now that raises a multitude of interesting possibilities....'Gunfight at the Executive Class Corral' anyone?....I can picture the scene:

    Gobshite Passenger - "Jesus Marshal, I'm just asking for another decaffrappaslushychino, there's no need to go all neocon on me!"

    Marshal - "Sir, step away from the drinks trolley and place your copy of the International Herald Tribune where I can see it!"

    Gobshite Passenger - "Like hell I will, you think I've gotta bomb or something you fascist?!"

    Marshal - "A what?! Everybody down!" KAPOWWWW!!

    Gobshite Passenger - "Ow!"
  11. Hmm.

    Colombia to Miami flight.
    Challenged by law enforcement.
    Reaching for something in bag.

    OK, folks. Time to play "Guess What Was in the Bag".
  12. Coffee ? :p
  13. Probably the 'white' variety that one doesn't take like Nescafé... 8O
  14. Firstly no decent gobshite passenger would be seen with a copy of the IHT nowadays, that paper is so pro-Bush!
    Secondly - even in your own imagination - it is the so called Marshal who is to blame ....over reacting like that ! :p
  15. In America? Pies.