Breaking news - Shootings in Alabama

Discussion in 'US' started by Pacifist_Jihadist, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. Just spotted it on the BBC website news ticker, only real info i can find is from the local tv station wtvynews4:

  2. why is it always people in america?
  3. It isn't. Happens all over. When they can't get hold of firearms they use something else. Remember the guy in NI who made a flamethrower?
    The Jap nutters made bloody Sarin FFS!
  4. I'd thinking vast numbers of guns and no mental health or social support network, but what do I know? :roll:
  5. Whichever bellsprout wrote that article needs a revision on their English language skills.
  6. I know loads of fucked up people with guns. so far no one has been killed, shot yes, killed no.
  7. are things like that quite common in the criminal world you inhabit?
  8. They are colonists who invented a bastardised version of the Queens English and from Alabama top it off, are you that shocked? :wink:
  9. Come to think of it, no.
  10. Wrong. It's just nutters they use whatever's to hand. In Austria - an axe - five dead:
    South Africa, nine dead - axe:
    One dead and partially eaten in Canada - knife:
    Two dead, three injured. Alaska, Machete.
    Northern Ireland, three injured. Flamethrower.
    One dead five wounded. Knife. England.
    (Of course the murderer wasn't to blame, the care system killed the victims... :roll: )
  11. i can see this thread ending up as another polerised spam basher.
    the arrse team yankee will be all logging on soon, watch it all devolve into another 2nd admendment type bun fight.
  12. I hope Gator was delivering his KKK pamphlets in Alabama at the time and get a reality check through the chest.
  13. class. :)
  14. 10 Dead now, including the Shooter.

    SAMSON, Ala. – A gunman went on a shooting spree in two neighboring south Alabama towns Tuesday, killing nine people before he shot himself at a metals plant, authorities said. Police are investigating at least four separate shootings, all believed to be done by one gunman, whose name was not released, the Alabama Department of Safety said in a statement.

    The shootings began late in the afternoon in Samson. The shooter killed five people in one home and one each in two other homes.

    The gunman also shot at a state trooper's car, striking the vehicle seven times and wounding the trooper with broken glass.

    He then killed someone at a Samson supply store and another person at a service station, the safety department said.

    Police pursued him to Reliable Metal Products just north of Geneva, about a dozen miles southeast of Samson, where he fired an estimated 30 rounds. One of the bullets hit Geneva Police Chief Frankie Lindsey, who was saved by his bullet proof vest, the safety department said.

    The statement says the gunman then went in the plant and shot himself. His name was not released.

    The gunman had worked at Reliable Metal, said state Rep. Warren Beck, a Republican whose district includes Geneva.

    "My secretary heard gunfire everywhere," he said. "This is one of the most tragic events ever in Geneva County."

    State Sen. Harri Anne Smith, R-Slocomb, said some of those killed in Samson were sitting outside.

    "He was just driving down the street shooting at people sitting on their porches," she said. "A family was just sitting on the porch and they were shot."

    Reliable Metal Products makes grills and vents for heating and AC systems, mainly for hotels. A call to a person who answered the phone at the plant said no one could talk about the shooting.

    The towns of Geneva and Samson are roughly 30 miles south of Fort Rucker, near the Florida border in southeast Alabama. Geneva's population is about 4,400 and Samson, 2,000.

    Smith and Beck were at the Statehouse when state troopers came to get them and took them to Geneva County. Smith said the governor's office is sending resources and state troopers are setting up a command post.

    Some info on Samson, AL
  15. US and its people have a long love affair with guns that started with the nation's inception in the second amendment.

    The conundrum is - how do you not infringe on this right and yet limit the chances of these horrors happening? (A subquery would be - why do these shootings seem so much more common now in the US? What has changed that makes violence like this 'acceptable'?)

    The ability to get access to weapons varies greatly from state to state. In Florida, it is relatively easy, whereas in MA for instance, I would have to get the approval of my police commissioner do to so. One solution would be a set of federal standards that apply to all. States rightists would object though, but even if it could be done - what checks should there be? Criminal checks, certainly, to make sure one is not a felon, but what of checks about mental stability? Those who are privacy advocates worry, and rightly so I think, about gobment getting into citizens' medical records. So, the type of weapon could be limited. What is really needed for hunting, target shooting, self defence? Surely not semi-automatic rifles - weapons the Founding Fathers could not have dreamt of.

    That being said, a real problem, even if strict gun control was implemented, would be the black market, where it is fairly easy to obtain weapons of many types for the right price.