Breaking news - Rover Group go under

Rover call in receivers, more follows.

Still it's not all gloom, somejong (groan) can pick up Rover for a fan song now.

Like that wasn't the f*****g plan all the time. :evil: :evil:

John Towers, you're a damn fool if you ever thought this Government were going to bail you out.
Didn't surprise me.......sad that this government, which calls itself Labour, will not even bail out the last remaining British Motor firm :evil:

So who will buy it for a swansong :?

One of Tones cronies??

Lets wait and see what happens will we :roll:
I am led to believe the Chinese automotive bunch will come in and snap up all of that cheap car building kit that will soon be liquidated/appearing on ebay. No bl00dy wonder they didn't buy it out - why should they?


While Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt said on Thursday night that the firm had called in the administrators, MG Rover quickly denied this was the case.

The car marker said it had merely asked accountants to advice on its position.
There is more coming. It's going make some interesting reading in the morning.
Who do you think Labour will attempt to blame for this cock-up then?

Rover is a private company so effectively the Government has directly brought about the possible loss of 6000+ private sector jobs by its own ineptness.

Still that'll make a change eh?
DTI say 'You told us you were calling in the receivers you numpty"

Harsh words being exchanged, and I'm sure I can even hear the conversation :D
I am p*ssing myself at this? I sympathise with the workers but politically its a gem...........whose constituency is this? Flawed int mate it gets everywhere!
If Patricia Hewitt jumped the gun on this, that seems extraordinarily inept for a Trade Minister. I have just been listening to her on Today in Parliament piously refusing earlier in the day to answer a question on the grounds of "commercial confidentiality".

Even if the company chairman had spoken to her in the terms that she claims, it seems incredible that the Government would then take it on themselves to make the announcement. I can't emphasise enough how big a mistake this would have been.
PartTimePongo said:
DTI say 'You told us you were calling in the receivers you numpty"

Harsh words being exchanged, and I'm sure I can even hear the conversation :D
Makes no difference if the company did tell the Govt that. Company chairmen speak to Govt off-line. They dont expect the Govt to then jump the gun and make the announcement on their behalf. If these reports are correct I really am astonished that this has happened.
I'm not Hackle, far from it.

Anyone got a RSS/News feed for the Hang-Seng?
PartTimePongo said:

It'll be interesting down the baroo on the 6th of May :D
Took advantage of the above:

So what part did you play in the closing down of one of the largest private sector employers in your constituency? Any handy spare Physicists or Intelligence Officers you can blame this one on; or was it just a simple case of a Cabinet mMinister cocking up again?

Happy Election
You do know Question Time is in Birmingham next week don't you

My oh my, that should be an interesting show. :D

Juv , wouldn't mind knowing what the price of Shanghai Automotive (SAIC) is doing
PartTimePongo said:
Thanks for that link PTP, from which I see that the then Trade and Industry Secretary roundly criticised Rover Group for not keeping them informed of their plans.
Stephen Byers said:
We will be asking them difficult questions, which they will need to give answers to.
And what happens when the present management do take the Trade and Industry Dept into their confidence?

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