Breaking News - Gays too Precious to Waste in Combat

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dragstrip, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Quality, I love Onion News, shame it is sometimes too near the truth to be called parody!
  2. Chutney ferret
  3. Interviewer: "General, how many gays is one American soldier's life worth?"

    General: "Seven"

  4. Cannot believe this clown is a General. He has a motive ,maybe hoop soup.
  5. Actually t'was "General how many soldiers lives is one gay worth"

    makes a bit more sense :wink:
  7. funny as fukk

    long live the Onion
  8. Node. Node. Node. Node. Node.
  9. oh dear,sometimes they can hit near the mark ...
    still bloody brilliant :D
  10. Pure class. The onion is new to me.......what a great site!
  11. 'God bless America and her gays'
  12. How did I get that wrong?
  13. Absolutely brilliant! :D
  14. the bit a about the how fragile the gay psyciis cracked me up !