Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by darbs, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Not really, but i long to wake up to that news :( How long can we go on for in this sorry state? i have never hated this country so much....
  2. You f*cking c*nt!! I just recieved an awful lot of blood to my already flacid penis.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You utter, utter cok!!!!

    Think that's funny do you . . . well punk? DO YER????????

    Utter, utter, throbbing cok jockey! How very dare you raise my hopes to such dizzying heights!
  4. You see the title. You know that it's a pi$$take.

    But there's just that fleeting chance that the story's true.

    But I didn't fall for it. I am not here.
  5. yeah... like he'd ever get the hint and feck off!
  6. Jesus, I was just breaking out the fireworks when I decided to actually read the thread.

    You Cruel, cruel bar-steward
  7. And he will apologise to Lee Clegg
  8. you fucking fucker!
  9. that was pure evil

    raising my hopes like that I hope you get genital warts
  10. Don't get me wrong, i think the guy is completely useless, but i don't think he's the real problem...

    The problem with the country, i.e. crime and dissorder, shite public services etc, is a result of a bad gvt for a long period, not just the last few months. They say it takes 5 years for political changes to have a noticeable effect on the public.

    As to what is happening now with the economy, that's just inevitable. Things that go up must go down and all that, these cycles are going to happen. The blokes a complete weak idiot for throwing public money down the hole after private cash, trying to stop the unstoppable - bit like leaving your fridge door open to stop global warming.. and all just to try and get elected.

    I'll be honest, i wont be happy if he quits, i don't think i'd be happy if labour as a whole quit. I think our country needs to be bought out by a conglomerate, maybe Lloyds would be interested...?? that or a dictatorship - wasn't the birth of facism in early 1900's from a recession?
  11. Shortty,

    Sorry mate but you've been up too late and you're a bit tired and emotional; and wrong. It is all Gordon Brown's fault. As PM he inherited the fault of all BLiars errors and then added his own. As PM he is singularly responsible and as party head collectively responsible for the whole cluster fukc.

    It is time for change.

  12. So I presume when he leaves and some other commie takes the reins you will be voting labour?
  13. You basteward! You vicious, vicious, basteward! I've just logged in at work and was on the verge of taking my minions to the pub for the rest of the day to celebrate.
  14. Darbs - how could you?!

    Remember - I do know where you live. :D
  15. O that it was true, then we could rip into the next one!