Breaking News: Explosion at Italian base in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lillith, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Roadside bomb. 4 dead many injured
  2. Sad. Very.

    Explosion at Italian base in Iraq

    At least four people have been killed in an explosion at an Italian military base in Iraq, reports say.
    The blast occurred in the southern city of Nasiriya, Italian news agencies Ansa and Apcom reported, citing government sources.

    There are about 2,500 Italian troops in Iraq, but Italy's involvement in the war has been deeply unpopular at home.

    In January the Italian government announced that it will pull its troops out of Iraq by the end of the year
  4. Seems like the temperature's rising a bit at the moment.

    See the PM's sister was killed this morning. The Taleban are also going public and endorsing the al qaeda tapes in a bid to get popular support across the region.

    Poor sods, feel for them and their familes. Always sad to lose frieds.

    dona ais requiem

  5. RIP paisanos.

    I was in Nasiriyah when the Italians took over the building next to ours in preparation for taking the whole sector over--the same building that was later destroyed. For all the joking about the Italian military the Caribinieri who took over from the USMC were among the most impressive soldiers I've ever seen.
  6. Virgil, I could not agree more with your praise of the Italian military. They were outstanding in Beirut 1983 following the tragic bombing at the USMC camp and have done a quiet but consistently effective job over the years.

    The news of today's casualties is indeed sad.
  7. RIP gentlemen.