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JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African white far-right leader Eugene Terreblanche was beaten and hacked to death at his farm on Saturday, local media said.
Terre'blanche fought to preserve apartheid in the early 1990s but had recently lived in relative obscurity.

"Terre'blanche was beaten to death with pipes and pangas on his farm," the News 24 website quoted an official of his AWB party as saying.
Did he get a bit sun-tanned and try to go to a party conference?

A distasteful individual, but not really any surprise. The only novelty is politically-motivated murder spreading outside the black neighbourhoods.
Leader of Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging(AWB) Eugene Terre'blanche was attacked and killed at his farm 10km outside Ventersdorp on Saturday, North West police said.
Captain Adele Myburgh said Terreblanche, 69, was attacked by a man and minor who worked for him after they allegedly had an argument about unpaid wages around 6pm.
"Mr Terre'blanche's body was found on the bed with facial and head injuries. There was a panga on him and knobkerrie next to the bed.
"A 21-year-old man and 15-year-old boy were arrested and charged for his murder. The two told the police that the argument ensued because they were not paid for the work they did on the farm," she said.
Myburgh said Terre'blanche was alone with the two workers at the time of the attack.
She said the two would appear on charges of murder in court soon.
The Democratic Alliance in the North West expressed its "outrage and concern" at Terre'blanche's murder.
"This happened in a province where racial tension in the rural farming community is increasingly being fuelled by irresponsible racist utterances by the leader of the ANCYL Leader Julius Malema and the North West Cosatu secretary Solly Pheto," said DA MP Juanita Terblanche.
She said the DA did not share Terre'blanche's political conviction but an attack of this nature could be regarded as an attack on the diverse components of the South African democracy.
Terblanche sent her condolences to the family and called to the people to remain calm.
North West MEC for Public Safety Howard Yawa reacted with shock at the news of Terre'blanche's death and appealed for calm in the province.
Yawa condemned the "callous murder in the strongest terms possible" and also called to the people to allow the law to take its course. - Sapa
LordVonHarley said:
£5 says that the Police report will have it down as death by walking into a door ...... a lot.
Nah, just a very serious case of suicide! :D
Rafair7643 said:
LordVonHarley said:
£5 says that the Police report will have it down as death by walking into a door ...... a lot.
Nah, just a very serious case of suicide! :D

shaving rash gone septic perhaps?


Book Reviewer
I suppose singing "Kill The Boer" wasn't really just for fun after all.
Just cleaning up before all the jurno's turn up for World cup.
Bet ya it's never solved.

From The Telegraph
"He was killed with pipes and 'panga' machetes while sleeping, according to a spokesman for his Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) party.

Terre'Blanche was one of the most divisive figures in South African politics, believing firmly in white supremacy and the separation of the races and bitterly opposing the anti-apharteid movement.

He recently declared of post-apharteid South Africa: "Our country is being run by criminals who murder and rob. This land was the best, and they ruined it all. We are being oppressed again. We will rise again."

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