Breaking news: : Drugs found in Defence Secs home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. BBC News ticker reports that a quantity of a Class C drug have been found in Defence Secretary John Reid's home.

    No details or link yet. CDT, anyone?

    Note to Bliar: It never rains but it pours, eh?
  2. Weed's still class C isn't it? I know they were thinkin about sticking it back up to Class B.

    Funny thing with the law, if the drugs are found in someone's house, the owner of the house can be done for allowing drugs to be kept on the premises, even if htey don't own the. So it makes little to no diffference if it's a family member or his own stash of ganja. Wonder if he's a doobie or a bong man?
  3. At last, a high in a pretty crap week.
  4. I think Reid's a class C and we all know what the C stands for.
  5. That's ok then, he can go back to being a thoroughly nice bloke now.
  6. "The BBC understands the drugs - which have not been identified - were thought to be there before Mr Reid moved in."
  7. He didn't buy it from his brother-in-law, did he?
  8. It would explain a lot if you think about it.

    Mind you, if the filth called round hear and found hash d'you reckon telling them it was there when i moved in would result in them telling me that was fine...carry on?
  9. I bet the previous owner's crapping it.

    But of course the drugs were there before he moved in.
  10. Now call me cynical if you want, but he's hardly going to say anything else now is he?
  11. wonder how many times that building has been swept before ... and if the stuff was there before, why was it missed?
    If it wasn't there before ... 'Would you care for a drugs test Mr Reid?'
  12. You can imagine the estate agent telling Reid that it has good views, a neutral colour scheme and a free stash.

    Silly not to buy it.
  13. If all drugs were legalised, then Mr Reid would be able to relax and enjoy his blow without the pesky police causing even more problems by releasing this news at such a politically sensitive time
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    But surely IF the drugs were there before he moved in,would'nt they have been found when/if the security services checked the home? You would have thought that the security services would check the home of a politician for stuff like bugs ect & do a background check on the seller which'd show up any druggie history.