Breaking News - Doreen Lawrence to be made a peer

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Fat_Cav, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. From the Beeb website

    And her committment to thr UK public life as a whole is . . . . ?

    BBC News - Doreen Lawrence to become Labour peer

    Edited to add: Will she be known as Dame Lawrence of Well Hall Road, SE9 ?
  2. craaaaaaaaazy!!!
  3. Just shows what a mockery the system is.
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  4. That's it, **** it, I'm becoming a republican.
    Stand by for her to become a permanent feature on all and any BBC talk shows, news and current affairs programmes.
  5. olivercromwell

    olivercromwell On ROPs

    A cynical gerrymander and an ad infinitum kick in the face to white victims of racism in one fell swoop.
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  6. I feel a poll is in order. That way we on here can make our feelings known without resorting to vilification and locked threads. A poll with less said is more telling than trolling.
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  7. Why.............she spends more time in the West Indies,than she does in this country,and her contribution for the good of this nation,cynical moi? :puker:
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  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Peer or Pier? I can see the concrete overcoat option being popular amongst a few?
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  9. Now the outrage bus is ticking over and full of the easily distracted it will be interesting to see who else is on the list when it is published.

    My money is on a few big financial donors from all sides.
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  10. And you're surprised why ?
  11. Jesus H Christ!

    A nasty little crime committed by some nasty little scrotebags.

    ...but, god, she has played the victim well and gone on, and on, and on, (repeat to fade).

    Why doesn't she move to Italy and fight the racism cause there including the first black minister?

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  12. Now we have matching set of bookends, her and Diane Abbott
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  13. Who said I was surprised?
  14. fair enough :)