Breaking News - Blair visits Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pasty Boy, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. Tony Blair visits troops in Iraq

    Prime Minister Tony Blair has arrived in Basra for a Christmas visit to see UK troops in Iraq.

    Mr Blair is meeting senior military commanders for an assessment of the security situation and the likely impact of the recent elections.

    He is also expected to deliver a seasonal message of thanks to British troops in the region.

    It is Mr Blair's fourth visit to Iraq. The UK has 8,000 soldiers stationed in the country.

    Mr Blair is expected to discuss a possible timetable for the pull-out of British forces with military commanders, including Gen George Casey, the top US commander in Iraq.

    His visit comes after a senior British commander warned tensions in the south of the country meant a reduction in the number of troops was not feasible before April.

    Brigadier Patrick Marriot said last week security risks to his soldiers were so high they spend the majority of their time on force protection.

    Just who you want to see at christmas!
  2. oh deep joy , if being in Iraq over xmas wasnt bad enough , now that egotistical twat turns up
  3. Any chance of anyone having an ND in his direction?
  4. Rubbish. He doesn't listen to senior military commanders; he's there to ease his conscience before he goes off on his next freeloading holiday

    What have they done to deserve it? Stand by for the usual nauseating picture of the Great Conductor surrounded by grinning squaddies, all of whom will have been carefully selected to make sure a) that it's a 'representative' group and b) that no one will ask the Dear Leader any awkward questions. So, lots of Fijians, a Ghurka or two, and a few toms who don't really know who he is but it's better than being on stag.
  5. Nay chance but a DD would be on.
    john Deliberate Discharge
  6. 'Seasonal message of thanks' - I'd rather have my Telic medal.
  7. Oh joy, lots of extra work for the boys in escorts and sy. Just when you are looking forward to stagging on over the festive season.

    Cheers Tone.
  8. Really sorry lads and lassies. Our thoughts are with you! :( What a Grinch.
  9. Not only will there be extra guards etc, there will be days of tidying an preparation , sand polishing and general practising of standing in groups in the correct butinformal manner.

    Never understood why politicians visits thought they were good for moral, since very rarely does the MP ever get to really talk to the troops and hear all thier whinges....I must say however Adam Ingram on TELIC was an exception to this and I ended up in the mire for a PQ that resulted from his visit and a frank discussion with my TA CC. Mind you the treatment of the TA 'adminwise' on TELIC was attrocious and the CC was quite right to give Adam Ingram both barrels.
  10. I hear tell Old "fatboy" Nick Soames was vaguley popular for some reason. Bliar turned up last year at Basrah and was kept well away from us! Mind you I reckoned they didn't rate their chances of finding someone out of 140 TA lads who won't give him an earful......
  11. Probably because unlike the rest of the idiots who turn up for photo-calls, Soames has actually served.
  12. have you served? Just out of interest?
  13. Yep.....JLR RAC and RSDG in early 80's then 3DWR/E&WRR from 94 to date.

    Done Bosnia in 97, Kosovo in 01 and Iraq in 04/05

    I did hear tell that Nic Soames has a sense of humour
  14. I was actually asking dozy but thanks for that anyway. Just trying to guage the depth of anti blair sentiment amongst serving/ex forces folk. :D
  15. Why? Are you a journo?

    Just do search on any of the following: 'Bliar'; 'Dear Leader' 'Celestial Navigator' 'liar' 'appeasement' 'mendacity' 'freeloader' 'cronyism' 'champagne socialist' 'Gerry Adams' best mate'.