Breaking news - arrest at No. 10 Downing Street

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jim_Karna, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to disappoint (but it's not Bliar)

    Ruth Turner Director of Goverment Relations is thought to have been arrested as part of the "cash for honours" enquiry.

    The trail is getting closer and closer......
  2. Oh brilliant - I'm so phucking chuffed the net is closing in on this prick.

    I watched the trial of Tony Blair on C4 the other day, my God, I wished it was a documentary rather then a work of fiction. My hope is in the prophetic ability of the director/producer...
  3. OY! Find your own wind up.
    Author of 'FLASH BLAIR ARRESTED' on this site, thereby endearing himself to millions of readers.
  4. I wonder whether this arrest was planned by Number 10 to coincide with the media furore over the Big Brother gobshites? Sky News has just switched coverage from the Cash for Questions affair back to some dribbling twat on a market stall in Leicester for his thoughts on Jade Goodie.

    I need a drink!
  5. Do you have a link?
  6. Not a windup Guy Fawkes

    This is an unconfirmed rumour but I sooo hope it's true
  7. It's on the BBC ticker. No story as yet though.
    Wait Out.
  8. Its on BBC news 24. On the ticker at the moment.
  9. See
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    B**LOCKS!!!I was so hoping 'twas El Presidente!!.... :shakefist:
  11. ...too slow...
  12. Arrested and then released without charge the same morning?

    Must have been quite a flimsy arrest warrant.
  13. I hope she sings like a canary and drags the whole sorry bunch of gobshites down with her
  14. Radio 2 has just said the arrest was for perverting the course of justice and not abuse of honours.

    I've always said it was the cover-up that would get them rather than the original wrong-doing
  15. almost got excited there..... the long wait continues for blair's arrest