BREAKING NEW- "Commando" killed in hostage rescue

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pantsoff, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Telegraph

    if true RIP.

    Big news though even on the web papers over here.
  2. Well maybe when the press are covering stories in a negative manner such as the recent air strike, they will pause for thought before they submit their story.

    A brave soldier dead to save a reporter, I'm not sure it was worth it.

    Sympathy to the family.
  3. Sky News are just reporting one british and two others dead
  4. RIP.

    Condolances to family and friends.
  5. Sky's Alex Crawford described the reporter's release as a "rare bit of good news".

    sorry what exactly is good about this? 1 life for the price of 3?
  6. They get one of their own rescued AND a nice, juicy fire-fight/hostage rescue that their man was an eye-witness to.

    Remember: if it bleeds, it leads... :evil:
  7. New York times is leading on their reporter being freed, aide killed. Then happens to mention report that a 'commando' has been killed. However, they, like the BBC it appears, may be waiting for official verification as currently the reports of a KIA appear to be coming from unofficial sources.
  8. No good news here, this idiot got himself kidnapped in Iraq a couple of years ago aswell.

    Shame one of our lot had to get killed to free this f uck wit,

    If you dap around in this place looking to turn up sh it, occasionally it's going to find you first, at this point you realise waving your press card about wont f ucking save you.
  9. There are some pretty full on comments posted on the sky website, it's good to see that someone has a sense of perspective in all of this. This guy wasn't deliberately walking into trouble, he was trying to cover a relevant story, but to call his rescue the only bit of good news is bollox!

    There are bits of good news going on in Afghanistan every day, but since they don't involve us blazing away with every weapon we have or killing civvies, the press aren't that interested, so the good news doesn't get home except via blueys and the odd phonecall.

    I'm all for the press covering the war, warts and all, but they have to accept such risks when they don the blue body armour.
  10. This jorno Stephen Farrel was kidnapped in Iraq some years ago .Personaly I don't think a dummy who does this twice is worth the life of one soldier
  11. Go along with most of the above. Poor exchange, if a journo goes into a danger-zone then he should accept that nice things do not always happen.
    Having said that then I think the attempt had to be made, though I would certainly draw a line depending on risks involved.
  12. Death of soldier confirmed on BBC radio, interpreter also dead.

    Freedom of the press is NOT free.
  13. Seconded - a fcukwit reporter who thinks he is doing us all a favour!