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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bazinga, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Afternoon all.

    So I went to visit the TA regiment yesterday and liked what I saw so now all is left is saying to the ol' employer "hi boss I want to join the TA." I am unsure as to how this will go down, they are a couple of money grabbers to be fair and asking for time off even when its annual leave is like asking if I can shoot their grandmother.

    What's the best way to sell this to them?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Have youn considered "hi boss I want to join the TA."
  3. Why bother? Your undertaking a hobby, as stated before on here it should have no directconfliction with your real job and your employer has no obligation to recognise it, if your deploying then the goalposts change marginally.

    I know it makes certain TA members fill their corduroys but it is what it is, a hobby.

    (eagerly awaiting cries of 'dont pay regs for the early darts on Friday and sports afternoooooooons!!!!') :)
  4. If I was your boss you'd be fired the instant you mentioned the fact.

    Mainly because I'd see you as a person with incredibly low standards and no sense of shame.
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  5. As the handsome latin chap says its not going to effect your employer one bit unless you deploy.

    They'll know that you're in the TA before long as you'll no doubt have Soldier magazine on your desk everyday and find any excuse to turn up in your boots.
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  6. Because it is often better that an employer hear from their employee before they get the news from the Army. Whilst the employee is under no obligation to notify their employer, the MoD will contact the employer to inform them of their employee's Reservist status. This is something you agree to when you sign the contract and has been since about 2005. Helpfully, the Army gives you about a month to tell your employer before they break the good news.

    - SaBRE

    Edit to add: I'm a Regular, but have had to deal with employer issues for a mobilised TA lad and it was an an absolute minefield.
  7. My old dad got the sack when he told his employer he was joining the TA.

    Mind you he did work for Volkswagen in Germany in September 1939.
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  8. I was in the regs for 5 years. No shame in still giving a helping hand when deployed since its the same trade I'm doing anyway. Gives the biffs in the Regs more scope to give a bullshit reason for tour dodging.
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  9. Because, with the exception of one or two units, all TA soldiers are obliged to inform their employer.
  10. And all their friends, blokes in the pub, random members of the public and, like the case I witnessed yesterday, in a plumber's merchants to everyone in earshot about how he'd "Been to the sandpit more times than he could remember"
  11. You could go down the 'transferrable skills route' ie HGV, first aid at work, stuff you'll get from the TA that will benefit your employer.

    You could try the 'Sabre might pay for you to....' and mention presentation dinners, visits to annual camp etc. My employer was flown out to Gib to watch us training.

    Is that a start?
  12. I agree with Hector - would you tell your employer that you've taken up playing sunday league football?

    As to the other posts about being obliged to inform the Army of your employers details so some old duffer from Sabre can write a letter to your employer - sod the TA, give the clerk the wrong details, no one will ever know and why should the TA be snooping around your primary source of income?

    And FFS don't involve SaBRE if you want to keep your job - a mob of retired old duffers that think that all employers have an obligation to support the TA and when you lose your job, there is absolutely nothing they will or can do to help you.

    I would also suggest that you refrain from carrying your mobile in a shoulder holster as that might give the game away.
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  13. Genuine question - is that legally enforcable or just an internal MOD requirement? This is to say, if a TA soldier refused to provide the information, what action other than AGAI could the Army take? Would it stand up in an employment tribunal?

    Sounds like a bluff to me.
  14. Integrity and all that - but I would have absolutely no compunction at all in making a few minor mistakes in the box marked "Employer Details". How, when and what I decide to say to a civilian employer is my decision. I've seen enough mistakes caused by well meaning MoD "information" releases thanks. And Sabre are worse than useless. Another old boys network to employ retired officers.
  15. Why not give them your last employers details.

    I don't think it's legally enforceable, but they might not let you join without putting something on the paperwork.

    In the old days all you had to do was turn up have a very baisic medical and run 3 miles.

    No references etc etc.