Breaking in lowas

I have had a pair of lowa combats now since about the begining of august, and they are brilliant however very heavy, and very very stiff. I would've thought that after having them for 6 months, they would be atleast wearable without running like a duck, and walking like a robot. I can hardly bend my toes. i keep them supple with polish etc. But are lowas just ver very supportive or just a pain in the bum-bum?
I got mine in November, and iv done well with them, did a few tabs with them, which was had at first and was uncomfortable. They been on every ex and live firing since, an now they fit like a glove, i dont notice the weight of them or anything, just beast them, you'll get used to them eventually!
Superb choice of boot :D I have had mine nearly 10 months and the only problem I have found with them is if you get them wet inside like from river crossings etc - they take like a week to dry naturally due to the gore tex. Never had to break them in - straight out the box and go ... however i think that they are meant to be a little less flexiblearound the toe area.

If all else fails - return them to the UK Lowa agent or where you purchased them from and get them exchanged.
Lowa's are quite stiff anyway. They are made from very thick leather (that's why they are so heavy) and the sole has little flexion. If you want a suppler boot then Altberg would be better.
I just take mine out of the box and go, they have always been the combat hi version, I think the lower ankle boots, "mountain" might be a bit stiffer

On my third pair now they really do soften but the fact is they are a big sh_t kicking pair of boots and are always going to feel a bit heavier than standard ish

The gimp
I really like them but I think mine may be just a bit big for me. Yes that's a good idea, but mine aren't new at all and I would be hard pushed to get them exchanged now wouldn't I? Also in the morinings after being out in the field (my feet sweat exceptional amount for some reason lol) I go to put my boots on and they are properly soaking inside. I think its because the water can't escape but it is even worse than having cold feet; itchy wet warm feet! lol nice :wink:
I use Hanwags: stiff for about two-three days wear ( the boots, not me ) then comfy as a comfy thing.

The lacing system is not as good as the Lowas, though - just looks a bit wrong - not enough eyelets.


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