Breaking in issued boots!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Tweety, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. I have a course comming up in 3 weeks and have just received the kit list, and it requires issued boots only. I have had to get a new pair of brand spanking ones from the QM's cause my others are in tatters (been wearing non issued ones).

    Im just looking for some tips in the fastest way of breaking in your boots (if there is such a thing). Obviously i will be out tabbing in them as much as i can, but any other usefull tips will be appreciated.

    Thanks all. :D
  2. Wear them.

    Nuff Said
  3. A couple of hours a night of breakdancing, bodypopping and moonwalking should loosen them up nicely. Do it in public, and people may even throw you a few coppers.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Sorry, I didn't take into account that you will be doing alot of Tabbing. In that case, you don't need to break them in at all, just make sure you DON'T wear any socks when you tab. (this eliminates any possibility of causing friction = blisters, and you don't want them)
  5. Is this serious? I can imagine that it would leave your feet looking like chewed up raw steak.
  6. Vomit into your boots and leave it for 24 hours before draining them. Your stomach acids will rapidly break down the proteins in the leather, and once you have dried them in the airing cupboard, they will be as supple as a pair of slippers.

    Hope this helps too.
  7. I can't believe you seriously think issued boots need breaking in! My god man, are you some sort of pansey? They're like fcuking carpet slippers FFS, not double soled ammo boots!

    Get some back bone!
  8. OK sorry guys im must of been stupid to think i might get a serious answer on here!

    Thanks for the tips "no1cares" - NOT!
  9. Ok youth, in the god old old days when one only wore issued EVERYTHING we did a little thing called river runs to break boots in - go find some calf deep water and get your toes wet in your new slippers!

    Question has to be asked, didn't you break in boots during basic? Ah, forgot, trainer ps2 fatboy generation...
  10. Do you not get issued two sets of boots anyway? May I suggest that you had squared your admin away when you knew the boots were fuct, instead of it being up your hoop!!!
  11. Anytime tweety pie.
  12. And he's got no mates with the same size feet he can borrow a pair from either! I mean to say, a grown up trained soldier asking for advice on breaking in issued boots WAH!!!

    What the fcuks next? How to get a nice crease ironing or fluff of my beret!!!

    WAH WAH WAH!!!
  13. Get boots.

    Place in shower/bath.

    Fill boots with water.

    Leave to get utterly gopping wet for 24hrs or so.


    Immediately apply to feet.


    Ignore sounds emminating from squelching boots.

    Leave to dry on feet.

    Apply shed loads of polish.

  14. I totaly agree "Ronnie8781" my admin is up my a***!

    And its Fatgirl generation thanx, its a long story admins sh** so i dont have my broken in boots!

    So any tips would be good, but guess thats not gonna happen!

    Cheers anyways!
  15. While we're on the subject:

    "Any tips on what to do when your boot laces snap? My snapped 4 months ago and I don't know what to do?

    Please help me cos i'm scared."

    Yours most bone