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Just registered for Arse. I'm going to Sandhurst in January and would appreciate some advice on how best to break in boots other than just wearing them the whole time?

Any other preparatory advice would also be appreciated.


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No, sorry, just wear them the whole time. There are loads of old wives' tales, but I've always found it just pays to wear them in gently at first. If I get a replacement pair I just wear them round the office for a few days, just to start stretching and creasing the leather. After a few days I'll take them for a run. And so on until they're ready to go.

Someone did once tell me to piss in a new pair, swill in around and leave them overnight. Result? Stinking boots that still needed to be broken in properly.

You can use something called Neats Foot Oil to soften the leather, but you're guaranteed to never ever be able to get a shine on the leather ever again.
No other way to break them in other than wearing them....

Best advice is to wear them round the house, walk up and down the stairs once or twice. If you have them now and you wear them for an hour or so a day they'll be well broken in by Jan....

Use dubbin' aswell to soften them up...
The comfiest boots ive ever had were ones i had new for adventure training and got soaked thru. i did a fair few miles in them wet and just put fresh socks on, they were like slippers. i did this with ever pair after that and broke them in within days. just worked for me so it is an idea? :?:
just put plenty of polish on them and leave it to soak in then polish them up and repeatseveral times .also wear them in as much as you can. sorry but there are no short cuts. ex drill sgt. :twisted:
Dubbin and plenty of it, make sure you get it in all the creases and folds!

(Get yer feet measured first - loads of people are wearing the wrong size and width!)



Pissing in them works fine, it softens up the leather.

The best way I’ve found is to run in them until the sweat soaks though and you can see salt crystals forming on the outside of the boot.

Leaving them to soak in water for at least 24hrs also helps.

Try all three for best results (try them in that order to avoid smelly boots)
Polish them about three or four times and then get in the shower with them on.

Dry them out and Bob's your Uncle!

Repeat if you need to.
Neatsfoot oil. Softens the leather whilst waterproofing it. Available from all good sutlers and some outdoors type shops. About £3 for 250ml. Other option: have your manservant soften them for you.
He's hardly gonna have time to go running around Camberly sweating and p_ssing in his new boots once he gets to Sandhurst, eh ?!

Don't worry too much about breaking your boots in, it will happen naturally; and certainly don't start greasing them up every night or you'll never get a shine on them.

Soaking them or using neatsfoot/saddlesoap will soften the leather and assist the process, but lets face it, we're not talking about ammo boots here are we ?!

Once you're at a working unit, get yourself some Altbergs which will fit like trainers - worn straight from the box with no problems (especially if they're custom made)
Soak them in warm water and leave for couple hours making sure insides don't get too wet wear for an hour repeat process till result achived , worked for me !

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