Breaking in boots

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by flyingwinger, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. Get issued my boots next week before starting sandhurst in january, was wondering if anyone has any good tips for breaking them in?
  2. Soak them in hot water drain water out then lip them on walk around a bit let the leather mold with your feet and ankles until they fit like slippers.

    It is a good idea to wear the kind of sock, you will be wearing with them when breaking them in.
  3. Soak the boots then put them on and go for a 5 mile run in them
  4. Cheers for the advice. We get issued the socks to wear with next week as well, so that will fine.
  5. Also do some runs or tabs in them to harden your feet up and find where any hot spots or blisters form. It'll also break them in pretty quickly. Not too much though! Boot runs were binned years ago for a reason!
  6. I always find that the CFT works quite well.
  7. Just send out for a member of the lower ranks with the same size feet to break them in for you.The smell of p8ss on the boots goes away with copious amounts of lavender water
  8. I would recommned a white transit van, as a lot of people have them, also take of the number plates. Smash through the window with it, in reverse, then fill it up with all the hair products, KY, and Lynx deodorant that you can get your grubby mitts on.

    I would also recommend wearing a balaclava, and doing it at night time.

    Good luck ;)
  9. I see what you did there!
  10. Make sure you get a large enough piece of lino. Don't try head-spins until you're experienced enough to cope with the neck pressure; I find that developing your technique with lesser moves such as the moon walk or windmill, whilst perhaps not attracting the same degree of awe from spotty friends, will help avoid permanant injury. Try to distract your audience by wearing your baseball cap sideways.
  11. Neatsfoot oil.

    Does nobody use neatsfoot oil any more? Or are boots all made of some unnatural mixed webbing of PVC and genetically-engineered cowhide that doesn't respond to the stuff?

    I remember buying a bottle at the shoe shop opposite the gates of the old Staff College when I lived in Camberley, and the proprietor told me a happy story about how he had a sudden urgent demand for 250 bottles of neatsfoot oil in April 1982.

    All the best,

  12. Urine. Nothing beats it.
  13. No secret, just wear them alot.
  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs


    Apply it to the inner surface of the boot, but not over generously - it makes the leather stretch. As my CSM found out in 1983 - when he filled his new BCH with the stuff, and then left them to soak overnight .. . bless him.