Breaking in boots (again)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by here_be_mike, May 9, 2007.

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  1. I saw a thread about this a while ago but can’t find it so sorry in advance (i swear the search function doesn't like me). Somebody on the thread talked about a product that put the natural oils back into the leather, softens the leather up + water proofs it. Just got a new pair off the RQ that need breaking in so may as well apply this stuff onto a fresh boot, they are for the field so I’m not worried about getting a shine on them. Somebody else said ferrets wax? Any better/worse than the oil I’m prattling on about?

    Edit to add - Found the post I’m on about. It’s indeed neatsfoot oil I’m thinking about, softens the boots right up but adding too much makes the leather susceptible to cuts/tears and also can make the feet too warm in summer. Looks like it’s a case of only a layer or two instead of loads. Cheers OnFire.
  2. neats foot?
  3. Possibly, I cant quiet remember though it looks to do the same job. Edit to add I meant Mink Oil in the original post not ferrets wax, wow talk about off the mark!
  4. Lol nice try gunny! I may be clueless but not that clueless. Really would like to know how many people have read you saying that in other posts and actually tried it :lol:
  5. there is nothing close to leather in your boots!

    being a stab i normally just wear new boots in around the house for a few days.

    but nothing beats tabbing in boots, ideally when they are a little wet as this makes them a bit more flexible.
  6. tabbing in issue assault boots is horrible

    i always used to get blisters

    havent tabbed in my lowas yet but from what ive heard blisters are none existant :D