Breaking an FTRS Contract

I am an an-regular officer on a 3 year FTRS contract and would like to hear your thoughts on the feasability of cutting it short.

Essentially I would like to leave this contract after 2 years and pick up a different, SO3, job in a regional bde.

I realise this would be - to many of you - rather jack. I signed on the line for the three years, so why change? Well essentially staying for the full whack will have a very bad effect on my family life, unforseeable when I signed up.

I am not committed to signing off, but would like to investigate the possibility. Obviously I would give 6 months notice, or as much as required. Due to my employment there would be no need for my unit to find a replacement.

If I did so would I be in such bad situation with MCM Div that I would not be considered for any further FTRS contracts? I would understand if so - this is the Army after all - but I hope that they might be persuadable

I realise that "tough shit" is the answer many of you will give, but I'd be grateful to hear other opinions too.





You can negotiate early release from your FTRS contract with your CO. You then arrange a mutually agreable date for it to finish, giving enough time for a suitable replacement to be recruited if required. If your contract is finished in this way, and with a suitable write up from your CO, future FTRS will not be a problem.

As long as you have a good working relationship with your C of C it should not be a problem.


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