Breakfast - Heaven and Hell

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fugly, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    What is acceptable to kickstart your day?

    Never mind all this rabbit food that all the hippies judge as "nutritional", what actually crosses the line as "not suitable for morning consumption"?

    For instance - Last nights pizza - fair game. Lasts nights kebab - dodgy ground.

    The reason I ask is I recently had a Chicken Jalfreizi (cooked that morning, not a leftover!) for my breakfast, and was denounced as insane. Well the fucking thing was about to go out of date, and I wasn't due back at its location for a few days.

    So whats the problem with a curry, or anything else like that for breakfast?
  2. No problems at all with a curry for breakfast.

    Personally I eat what I feel like when I feel like it, but seldom start the day with a steamed pudding and custard.
  3. You cant beat a smoke before you get out of bed and a can of tennants super first thing in the morning.
  4. A pussy that I have been banging on all night - Cream Pie, superb!
  5. You eat that for breakfast? I suppose if you really must eat a 'cream pie' it's probably best if you made it yourself, but even so......
  6. Getting home after night shift the other morning, I put a curry in the micro for breakfast. OH moaned "you gonna eat that now, it's 08.00 in the morning" Reply read " It may be your breakfast time, but it's my dinnertime". I have eaten worse before!!, although not cream pie.
  7. In Bold - very true...

    Don't eat it for Breckers all the time... its only a treat once in a while... even had a the delights of a pussy/ass combo once. Nectar I tell thee...
  8. I was banging the missus last night and first thing this morning she climbs on top to rub her flange all over me boat race. What a sight to wake up to.

    So I thought I'd try and placate the lady and stick out me tongue and place it gently (as you do) on the part of the female that loves to be licked slowly around and fluttered quickly over.

    So as I open me gob to do that, something resembling phlegm and beaten egg white slides out and slithers straight down me throat.

    Fair do's, I called it breakfast and got on with the rest of the work.
  9. Swamp rat you truly are a disgusting human being.

    Keep up the good work!!
  10. Superb S_R.... Superb!
  11. Motel Breakfasts are the best. Delivered to your bed. Grilled tomatos, sausage and bacon, baked beans and soft fried eggs, sideorder of toast. With hot black coffee and orange juice.
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Left over curry for brekkie..Nice!
    But you cant beat a Full Ulster Fry!!!!
  13. Holy Moly!

    I'd prefer a bacon buttie!
  14. I feel quite queasy :puker:

    Whats wrong with a bowl of alpen and some toast and marmalade.
  15. Then there's the string that gets in the way (sometimes), just bite on it and give it a tug for removal.

    BT. :lol: