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Breakfast cakes

I drank a pint of cold custard once ******* hard work. I am gonna give them a go when I've got time, washed down with tea and H.P
Be gone - do not impose Septic recipes on the people of Europe. Those things are nearly as bad as deep fried Mars bars.
Oh, please Em. Naught wrong with bacon and eggs with a bit of toast for brekkie, add some pancakes, sausages, and hash browns and you are ready to face the day (ok, granted it should be -40 or so, and you should be a lumberjack).
Calzone pizza stuffed with fried egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, fried tomato, black pudding and cheese would make a fair to middling breakfast pastie. Dunk in tomato sauce and scoff one handed with a pint mug of tea in the other.

Definitely have to try that once I'm back in the land of beer and pork chops.


Book Reviewer
The battles of Crecy and Agencourt were won against vastly superior French forces. Historians dribble on about the English deployment of the longbow and tactics to disrupt French cavalry but this is bollocks.

Crecy and Agencourt were won because our lads started the day with a proper English breakfast whilst the French ate cakes.

Begone with your filthy foreign breakfast cakes, crescent muncher.

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