Breaker Morant DVD (Edward Woodward)

For those interested and not sure if this has been posted before - just bought this from among the 97p DVD's in Tesco's. :D
thanks, I am very interested, a wonderful film, and a true story to boot, right down to his sfter dinner singing in peacetime. In his shoes, I would have taken the offer of a few horses while the guards "wern't looking" and found a new pasture, but people were more principled then.....
We used this film as a case study to teach the studes about ethical dilemmas in foreign policy. I think it's a cracking film, even though I had to sit through it 6 times in three days. Some of the dorii in the room cried as Morant and Handcock walked towards the firing squad.

"Shoot straight, you bastards! Don't make a mess of it!"

Would love to know what the Boer defector was singing about at the senior officers' dinner.

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