Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 1isEnough, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. It is not the NAAFI so fcuk off.

    What is the best way to deal
  2. I usually give the AA a buzz.
  3. Maybe he is having one.......................! :frustrated:
  4. i wish I was gay! Less hassle
  5. Is it by learning how to express yourself so others, who you're asking advice from, may understand what you're on about?
  6. 5Alpha I am sorry, I am talking mental breakdown
  7. Because we've all got crystal bollo(ks round here!!
  8. Pace, Are you here for constructive comnets.

    Or a cnut?
  9. Noone else? OK, I'll say it...

  10. This site prehaps isnt the best forum to get advice on what is probably a complex and very personal problem. It'd made an even worse place to get advice when you communicate with people in such an abrasive way. Either explain yourself properly or don't bother at all. You'll find that people will be happy to discuss almost anything if youre personable and dont come on here with that kind of chat.
  11. Look mate, this may not be the NAAFI, but it's not a psychiatric clinic either. Most of the people on here are (or were) squaddies, with suitably short patience thresholds. The last thing anyone here really wants is some jumped up little prick demanding sensible advice. Ok, you've had a breakdown. Throwing insults around will NOT improve the situation, it will NOT make you feel any better, and will MOST DEFINITELY result in you receiving less helpful answers than if you'd just asked nicely in the first place. Don't blame your breakdown for snapping at people on the internet either - you have plenty of time to consider what you type before hitting Enter.
  12. Mr fukcing smart. If this was a WAH, i would some go where different.

    If you check mosts of my posts I think they are genuine questions!!

  13. I have read your previous posts you whinging twat. The three threads you have created have been moaning about being an acoholic an epeleptic and now that you have gone wibble. This isnt a doctors surgery you moron.
  14. Someone give this window-licker a dictionary. So he can find Sympathy... :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.