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I am new to this website and am going for the Royal Armoured Corps as a main battle tank crewman. However I was just wondering if anyone had a breakdown of the training for phase 1 and 2. I am a bit older than most who would be joining, I'm 26, but still pretty fit so I was especially wondering how much PT you do and how many field exercises you do in phase 1?

Any advice would be appreciated


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The way i did it 6 years ago ( <--- Yeah i know i'm a naffi break lol ) Is 12 weeks phase 1 training in which you do 3 exercises. 2 Of which are simply learning ones and its teaching technique is aimed at 4 year old's so it cant be that taxing, The 3rd i believe is a week on salisbury plain, Almost like a confirmitory exercise. Pt in training is very productive and starts off pretty easy building up to a PFT and CFT pass, (mandatory fittness tests in the army) Phase 2 on the other hand has changed significantly since i was there. My intake did next to no PT apart from the bloody log run and PFT on the first week, and i now believe you have to do another exercise to pass out of bovington, What this entails and how long i don't know i'm afraid.

Who are you thinking of joining ? Each regiment has its own Stereo types for its level of fitness as you can see from other threads lol :D


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I left the Army aged 34 (twenty years ago this year: where did the years go?) and was far fitter than when I joined (and in fact fitter than most of my time in the RAC which was only half the time). It was becoming a chore because the late-onset asthma was starting to take its toll on my BFT (as it then was) times, which had always been a struggle on my part because the family tendency to asthma took my breath away long before my legs started to hurt.

So if you are generally fit, at 26 you ought to have no problem with RAC fitness tests.
Phase 1 is 14 weeks of what Tankie2ndrtr said. Phase 2 at Bovvy consists of 4 courses. CAT B Theory, CAT B Driving, Signals and D&M. If you can already drive you'll be out of there pretty quick.

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