Break the Law? It's OK I'm job too!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fat_Cav, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Saw this last night and it gripped my shite.

    BBC Motorway Cops on the M-something, see a woman driving whilst on her mobile. They give her a tug and it turns out she's a Police Officer from the South somewhere.
    When the duty cops decide to prosecute (I suspect due to being on camera) and told the offender that she was being 'dealt with', she first turned from a flurry of 'But I'm a colleague blah blah!' to utter dis-belief & realisation that being a 'colleague' wasn't going to make her immune from a fixed penalty.

    Her nonchalance towards the offence was laughable as it came across as 'It's OK, I'm a copper too!'
    I wonder what would have happened if the camera's weren't there? :wink:

    I'm not anti-police, far from it, but her attitude showed how she thought it OK to break the law and potentially ignore the fact that she did so. No wonder there's stories almost weekly of one plod or other riding roughshod over the judicial process.

    BBC iPlayer Starts at 26:23
    BBC iPlayer - Motorway Cops: Wrecked and Reckless
  2. And they wonder why we've got no respect for them any more.

    One rule for us, another for them. :pissedoff:
  3. She was issued a fixed-penalty notice and 3 points on her license.
  4. As she should have. My concern, my interpretation anyway, is that she though she would get away with it because she's a plod.

    Not sure if her tears were realisation she highlighted her naivety on camera, she compromised her integrity to fellow coppers or the possible reprocussions of a fixed penalty notice to her career?
  5. Twenty-five or so years ago I went to an away football match with a bunch of blokes I didn't really know. Two of them were policemen and were committed hooligans. After the game, one of the two of them was lifted whilst giving an opposition fan a bit of a shoeing. On being taken to the van where they processed the arrested he produced his warrant card, said, 'I am in the same job as you' and was promptly told to be on his way...
  6. Yes and she thought she should be able to get away with breaking the law 'cos she was a copper.
  7. I completely agree, I had a good laugh when I heard her say that last night.

    But whether the coppers on duty would have done the same had the cameras not been there is just speculation. There have been plenty of examples of (in some cases, senior) coppers being prosecuted that it's difficult to say that the ones on duty would have looked the other way.

    She got caught, tried to weedle out of it and got done. End of.

    [edited cos these carp work PCs don't have spooling chockers]
  8. A, now ex copper of my aquaintance, one evening, after the best part of a bottle of scotch, to keep out the winter's chill, chucked his white peaked cap on the parcel shelf of his car, to prevent a tug.
    On the other hand another copper friend of mine said Christmas was fraught with dangers if you were Met/Thames Valley, and lived in the other forces area, as they both ran sweepatkes for the first person to catch someone from the other 'team'.
    So it was a bit swings and roundabouts.
    This was years ago and I'm sure it doesn't happen now.
  9. I recall about 20 years ago, wasn't a Chief Constable done for kerb crawling by a WPC? No free pass for him.
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    No excuse for what she was doing, there is a service station 4 miles further on the M5 that she could have stopped at and checked her route. She has also just gone past one on the M42 which she could have used.
  11. There is a slight difference in attitude between knicking "bosses" and knicking "other coppers"...I have seen a superintendant given the whole weight of process while a PC was told to naff of home. The Super's being done was partly because he was a boss and a man known to be a bit of a cnut and partly because nobody at the scene trusted him not to come in to work the following day and start proceedings against everyone for NOT knicking him!
  12. I saw this last night also. And thought it was laughable that she thought being a copper gave her the right to get off scot free.
    Oh how I laughed when she started crying, as she was given the fixed penalty.
  13. I saw it last night and you could tell she was thinking of every sob story.

    I'm going to a friend's birthday party, she's in the GMP, she's forty today and she only lost her kid recently

    Boo frickin' hoo!
  14. Was the kid run over my a motorist not exercising a proper system of vehicle control?
  15. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I was once told of a gunner capt (or major) in barrack dress stopped one night by plod who, as soon as they saw dark blue jumper with pips/crowns bade him a hasty bon voyage. true? I hope so.