Break of Service and Retention of Rank (TA)


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I'd appreciate a pointer towards the TA's policies on retention of rank if you have a break in service.

In short, I left one TA unit (SoS) in September 2004 and was finally re-attested into another unit (ToS) in Feb 2006. However, the CoC at that time - i.e. the then Adjutant - decided that because I didn't know anything about my new Corps I would have to start again from the bottom of the rank structure.

I've been told by a few people that this may not have been 'kosher' and that there are regs that cover this. If so, which publication do I need to go to in order to find the definitive answer, if one exists ?


I haven't got access to the relevant Regs at the moment but there are a few things I would need to know before offering any advice. What rank were you? What rank did you rejoin in? What rank are you now? What have your CR grades/ write ups been like? What is your attendance like? what was your previous and new cap badge & trade(s)? how much service did you do previously? were there any vacancies in your old rank in the new unit when you joined? If you can answer these questions I will see what I can dig up tomorrow - send by PM if you want to.


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