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I'd appreciate a pointer towards the TA's policies on retention of rank if you have a break in service.

In short, I left one TA unit (SoS) in September 2004 and was finally re-attested into another unit (ToS) in Feb 2006. However, the CoC at that time - i.e. the then Adjutant - decided that because I didn't know anything about my new Corps I would have to start again from the bottom of the rank structure.

I've been told by a few people that this may not have been kosher and that there are regs that cover this. If so, where should I look for chapter and verse on the subject ?




Hello Frog Prince.

A similar thing happened to some colleagues of mine who were forces after SDR to change trades from Infantry to Medic. The deal that was offered to them at the time was that they could keep their ranks as long as they could get up to the equivalent ranks (trade and skills wise) in the RAMC within two years. ie they had to go from CMT3 to CMT1 in 2 years for the SNCOs.

However, another way things have worked out in the past is that I believe there is something in regs about dropping a rank for 6 months to a year if you change service or change cap badge.

As for breaks in service, generally if it is less than 3 years you can come back in at the same rank as when you left.

As always I believe there is scope for appeals and each person will be judged on a case by case basis depending on their current trade, cap badge and service and the one they are moving to.

That make sense???
Depends on your unit, I know a ex RMP Cpl who was out for 6 years, joined a RLC unit and was given his tapes back when he drew his uniform.

Theres also a bloke in my unit who was in the regs (same trade as unit) left and within weeks had joined the TA, he was a cpl but is now probably the highest qualified TA private in the army and has been for the last 2 years!

Different units, different drills!


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Thanks, all.

I dropped from stripey to airtrooper, was then tossed a lance jack's stripes on about Weekend 2 (which were never staffed through Glasgow).

I enjoyed thoroughly be the oldest, highest paid L/Cpl on HERRICK last year, but it has now become a little dull having to get past some RAF INTO's expectations of rank vs experience every time I go on exercise.

Is 'appeal' the same as 'redress' i.e. ruffles everyone's feathers and gets you the black spot ?

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