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All, please help!

I have just been pinged at work (am TA) to man a small stand as well as give a presentation at my place Armed Forces day event.
I am not able to get my hands on much kit other than personal, so what i thought i would do is to weight up my webbing daysack etc to simulate the weights carried on ops in afghanistan these days.

I have the ball park figure of 35 kgs in my head, but can anyone confirm this as the "average" weight that an infantryman will carry.
Ideally, i will spread the weight accurately as well - X kgs in webbing, Z kgs in daysack. Then i can give the spiel of "how far do you think you could run with that" and so on.
Aim for around 70-80kgs all in (webbing, daysack, body armour). Add helmet and rifle to that.

Just done a similar thing at a recruiting day. To be honest mate your average punter won't get it into their head as the conditions standing there talking to you tend to be somewhat nicer than out on the sharp end of things after days living rough in searing heat having contact after contact.

Good luck though.



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Thanks for that, daysack and webbing now suitably weighted up!

Take your point re getting them into the mindset -however, short of shoving them into an oven, get them to run around and shoot at them, this is the best i can do :)

Anyone able to point me to a decent photo of personal kit for afghanistan laid out? Taking opsec into consideration, i want to get a single pic that will list all the stuff that the guys carry out on the ground.

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