Breach of Persec - NAAFI

arrsepedia said:
The NAAFI is designed to allow our users to conduct the pointless bickering, personal vendettas and utter drivel that is the mainstay of any web site. We strongly discourage anyone who is under 18, easily offended or with liberal tendencies from entering this forum. That being said, it is still moderated and the following is totally unacceptable:

1.Breaches of Operational Security (OPSEC).
2.Use of real names other than those in the public domain.
3.Hardline extremist views and racism in particular.
I assume his facebook page is open to friends only. Not the public domain. Sad bastard that I am, I only read this yesterday - hence the reason I brought it up.
Whoever he is, I have left a message on Daniel Barbers 'do you like Daniel Barber' page asking him if he wants to go to the pictures .. he is hot .. for a 14 year old

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