Brazilian was here illegally

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. Had gutless tosser Blair made sure that matey had gone back to Brazil he wouldn't have been here illegally, he wouldn't have run.
  2. i suspect he thought he was being pursued by an uber-aggressive immigration agency...pretty unlikely in this country!
  3. Maybe his last thought was something like "Feck, the immigration service have guns!!"
  4. And what I'd like to know is, if he was here illegally, how was he able to work as an electrician without an NI number? Didn't he pay NI and tax? Or is there even more to this then we already know?
  5. Let's just hope that said man's family don't now get the big payout that they're already after. The money would be better spent on resources in London.

    Nothing to reason to run.
  6. Maybe their visa's should be checked ? and anyway why should the family benefit by his illegal actions.
  7. Its a good point Gunny, but unfortunately, there are many "illegals" working on our building/construction sites, indeed, there still exists a culture of casual cash-in-hand employment in many areas of the building trade. The shocking truth is that we no longer have enough skilled tradesmen in this country, and so we are reliant on a large number of migrant workers.
  8. Golden opportunity to kill two birds with one stone:

    Announce everywhere that, to avoid possible repetitions of this incident, illegals should register for a temporary ID card under a form of amnesty. In one go, the govt would finally understand how many illegals there actually are, and those illegals will understand that they at least have a form of lawful ID which they can produce on demand and may well be the first step to naturalisation.
  9. I find it rather rich that the Brazilian Foriegn Minister is shimfing about this when his own country's police force has an appaling record for running death squads that target the young homeless of Rio and other large cities. Glass houses and stones etc...When dealing with suspected suicide bombers you shoot first, second and third.
  10. Excellent idea 4T. :D

    What's the odds our great leader completely misses this golden opportunity, because when the true figures come out it would be somewhat embarrassing for him. I can just see the pictures in the media of illegals cueing round the block outside government buildings across the country. :evil:
  12. What can I say if he didn't learn English whooopsie you got your head blown apart for not knowing English for stop!?
  13. There are hod-loads of Brazilians here illegally masquerading as Portuguese nationals. Be very sure that you check any who apply to you with the Portuguese Embassy. I had two working for me but they were bubbled by a genuine Portu-geezer who pointed out the slightly different accent, slang and flaws in their admirably faked IDs. ID incidentally which had been checked by the UK authorties and passed...

    So now I have fine upstanding and legal Poles working for me...god they are keen and work bloody hard too. All good Catholics too so no suicide bombing potential there just suicidal drinking!
  14. Some replies edited and deleted. Once again, it's not the Naafi Bar.
  15. Just heard discussion over the unfortunate death of Mr Menezes on Radio 4.

    WTF??? What PC-nonsense is this??? If he was an illegal, why don't the BBC just say so? I'm sorry the bloke got slotted, but the BBC are really starting to p!ss me off.