Brazilian Vehicle Smoke Grenades

Hello again everyone,

I'm currently now examining Brazilian Military Vehicles. Concerning Brazil's EE-9/ E-11 Recce/APC vehicles which are made by ENGESA.

Does anybody know if ENGESA provide the smoke lauchers as well or if they source them from abroad? If so who are the manufacturers? Also what calibre of smoke grenade do they use on these two types of vehicles 66/76/80/81mm? I'm currently guessing at 76mm.

The same question apply's to their AV-VBL recconnaissance vehicle which is manufactured by "Avibras Industria Aerospacial S/A". Do they also provide the smoke launcher? If not who does and what is the calibre?

Also the Brazilian Marines use the Austrian "SK-105 Kuerassier". Does anyone know who the smoke launcher manufacturer is for this vehicle? I'm assuming the calibre is 76mm but cannot be sure.

On a side note concerning the USA's "AAV-7A1" amphibious vehicle. Just to be sure can anyone confirm that their vehicles are also fitted with General Dynamics Land Systems Smoke launchers like their other Land vehicles.

Sorry for the length of the post i thought i'd get it out all in one..till next time :wink:

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Is that a smirk grenade, useful for hiding brazillian jokes behind?
NO, they are special smoke grenades that provide a thin line of smoke which points to enemy cnuts, it avoids an ungainly bushy smoke effect concealing the target area.
PM tropper66, he'll know. I suspect that he's friendly with the guy who developed them, and is godfather to his kids.

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