Brazilian Sniper Video--Nice Shot

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jumpinjarhead, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Reach out and touch somebody.
  2. As a just above average shot, I am always impressed by those who can apply the marksmanship principles to sniper level, particularly under moments of intense stress. Well done that man - another useless scumbag off the streets and no court case to bother with.


  3. and as an afterthought one of the bobbies goes back for the grenade
  4. Oh, I see! So its alright for the Brazilian police to ventilate a Brazilian, but when metfuzz decide to give it a go, they get all uppity! :p
  5. They should have slapped him with a welly.
  6. Ha,ha,ha Markin !!!!!! As for metfuzz, that wasn't sniping. As for this one, pretty good, saw the chance and took it. Wonder what would have happened if he'd kept the hostage close, though.....and yes, oooh, the grenade, better have that!!!! Now I think about it, what was stopping a shot from behind?
  7. I would guess, the risk of coppers in front of him catching whatever came out of the front of his head.

    Hope the girl was OK, it can't be nice having that happen two feet from you.
  8. Good stuff, no taxi to private jet with ransom waiting for him at the airport. Kids, don't do drugs and if you do, don't threaten people with grenades when off your face.

    Reference why not a shot from another angle angular wrote
    Yup. Judging by the ohhhh shheeeeeeeett that was close reaction from the copper nearest when the perp gets the good news a shot from the back would have caused brown trousers all round. Some big balls on display to make the grenade safe though.

    Your man did doff his cap as she took leave of him.
  9. Possibly nicer than not having it happen two feet from you!
  10. Made Oi larf!
  11. I bet this fuckwit's family didn't get any compo though. :D High fives all round I reckon.
  12. now THAT'S a tidy hit!
  13. I just noticed your new avatar picture--I had no idea you were one of "THEM" as I think they have the worldwide copyright on the little black bar over the eyes do they not?