Brazilian Army to set up second Rio clinic

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by dui-lai, Mar 23, 2005.

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    So the Brazilian Armed Forces Medical Services can deploy two Field Hospitals treating around 1,000 people between them!!!! And one of them Naval to treat 600 8O

    And we can treat, let me see, if we can fully staff them..... if the MDHUs let our staff go.......we'd be lucky to deploy 2 Field Hospitals and they'd have space for 400 8O

    Where did it all go wrong :roll:
  2. two field hospitals DL

    If half the staff are TA and reservists, maybe!
  3. According to the Brazillian military medicals services they are run by Military medical staff for the armed forces, they don't have target obsessed nhs trusts there that have to be kept afloat.
  4. Wouldn't that be nice, Armed Forces Medical Services used for the Armed Forces.........instead of geriatrics and drunks :roll:
  5. But if you don't take in my geriatrics and drunks where will I send them when they refuse to go to the MRSA ridden local NHS hospital?
  6. They are already in your MRSA infested ridden local NHS hospital, just dumped on the Military ward for the military staff to deal with and expand their geriatric orthopaedic care skills, very useful for the war role :roll:
  7. The Germans had a very good shower system that we could utilise.
  8. Naughty filbert fox :twisted:
  9. But very amusing! :lol:
  10. Don't encourage him for gods sake :roll:

    Active: 337,800 (133,500 conscripts).
    Terms of service: 12 months (can be extended by 6 months).
    Reserves: trained first-line: 1,115,000; 400,000 subject to immediate recall.
    Second-line: 225,000.


    220,000 (incl 126,500 conscripts);
    HQ: 7 Military Comd, 12 Military Regions.; 8 div (3 with Region HQ); 1 armd cav bde (mech, 1 armd, 1 arty bn); 3 armd inf bde (each 2 inf, 1 armd, 1 arty bn); 4 mech cav bde (each 3 inf, 1 arty bn). 12 motor inf bde (26 bn); 1 mtn bde; 2 "jungle" bde (7 bn); 1 frontier bde (6 bn).

    With armed forces of that size and compulsory military service (about 1 in 8 men are called up by lottery at age 18) I would be very surprised if Brazil had not been able to deploy a couple of field hospitals. You also have to ask what capability do these hospitals have?
  12. probably better than ours :oops:

    Sorry, the cynic in me just took over :roll: