Brazilian army initiation- makes marines look like poofs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by finbarr_saunders, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. Video Shows Torture of Recruits in Army of Brazil

    The Brazilian army has launched an investigation after images of soldiers being beaten and tortured by their superiors were shown on television.

    Globo TV broadcast a video and pictures of what it said were recently promoted sergeants apparently being subjected to initiation ceremonies.

    They involved electric shocks, beatings and burning with electric irons.

    The army admitted the video was authentic and suspended the battalion commander while the inquiry takes place
  2. Haha. Get that down your Neck Private Pele.
  3. Agrees, it certainly does make our bootie vid's seem like a kindergarten event.........
  4. In a similar vein, but taking the bullying/torture angle to the n'th degree - and this may be a military 'urban myth' - but isn't it the Turkish Army that allows a CO to shoot up to 3 soldiers a year to maintain discipline and good order within his Regiment before he has to answer to higher authority.

    Imagine it ......
  5. I thought that those were British Army rules on exercising the troops!
  6. Some grim links on that site!!
  7. ah yes, i forgot to warn- : careful, theres some grim links on that site...
  8. burning with an iron looked pretty harsh, but... spanking him with a flipflop?!?!?
  9. I seem to remember from Victor Suvarov's " Inside the Soviet Army", that back in the old CCCP days, recruits were shaved, beaten and then ridden like pigs like in Deliverance. The suicide rate was really high, and most conscripts turned up tanked up on vodka as an anaesthetic. Furthermore Soviet WRAC's were treated as concubines by randy elderly Generals.
  10. Only 3? Oh how do you narrow it down to just 3 a year.......

    can they carry any unused ones over to the next shooting year?
  11. Poofs - not a fookin role mat in sight!

    Likes the flipflop floggin though! Kinky!!! - Pass the Kleenex!!! :twisted:

  12. here is the new MI5 field exercise training vid

  13. Perhaps the Brazilians should be told to try and bunk on the London tube?
    Oh right one of them already tried that...................

  14. 8O and as for their forum!!!!