brazil names

apologises if this has already been done and it's lack of military relevance but saw this talked about on beefers and thought i'd put it here

brazil name generator

smooj alooge got me alooginho

my real name got me some good ones but persec means i can't post em
I Got, Swieldo
I was given " Judgito"

Excellent, I'll see them in Chambers for a single malt!!!
it came up with "THE IO" for my mine.
Hallvado?? sounds a bit Jorman to me.

Sounds like a cross between a sex toy and a kitchen cleaner.
I couldnt pronounce my Brazil name,
so I typed in John Wayne.

Waynaldo :eek:
first name = goose, second name = man

brazilian name = minhosa santos

could have played in the for them in the 70's and 80's the names that good

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