Brazil and France sign arms deal (EC725 Helos & Submarines)

Brazil and France sign arms deal

Brazil has signed an 8.6bn euro ($12bn; £8.2bn) defence deal with France to buy 50 helicopters and five submarines.

The deal includes transfers of technology intended to help Brazil develop its own arms industry.

It was signed at the end of a two-day visit to Brazil by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

France will provide technology for the submarines, of which four will be conventional and the fifth will be nuclear-powered.

They will be partly built and assembled in Brazil.

The 50 EC725 helicopters will be built locally by Helibras, a subsidiary of Eurocopter, which is part of the European aerospace company EADS.

The aircraft are expected to be delivered in 2010.

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France is also getting another 5 EC725 on top of the 14 already procured; other countries such as Mexico, Malaysia and Algeria are currently negociating deals on the EC725 with Eurocopter.
Brazil is less than happy about some of their neighbor's recent purchases... so it's no surprise they are bolstering their capabilities.

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