brazen reported UK assault on Assad palace

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by andrejwout, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. Tension in Syria: British Forces Reportedly Attack Presidential Compound
    June 27, 2012
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    Source: DCXposed

    Reports from Israel’s Debkafile website say that a British offensive may be taking place in Syria targeting the presidential palace and the compound of the presidential guard.

    Unconfirmed first reports from British, French and Turkish sources say British special operations forces crossed from Turkey into northern Syria Tuesday, May 26, and advanced up to 10 kilometers inside the country. The same sources report heavy fighting around the Presidential Guards compound on the outskirts of Damascus. Debkafile’s military sources note that this compound exists to defend Bashar Assad’s presidential palace on Mount Qaisoun overlooking Damascus.
    British and Gulf TV stations are again running interviews with dozens of Syrian soldiers taken prisoner by rebel forces and transferred to Free Syrian Army centers in South Turkey. But this time, they are being aired in conjunction with those two developments, indicating pivotal and coordinated military action inside the embattled country, or even the start of western intervention against the Assad regime.
    Later Tuesday, Gulf military sources confirmed the presence of British special forces in Syria. Our military sources estimate that the British military drive into Syria, if confirmed, is designed to establish the first safe zone along the Syrian-Turkish border, to be followed by more Western military incursions to establish additional zones of safe asylum in other parts of Syria. This follow-up action would depend substantially on Syrian, Russian and Iranian (+ Hizballah) responses to the initial stage of the operation
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    how did they know they were british?

    blow the doors in, storm the compound, kill everyone in sight then make a brew!
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  3. They stopped in 'The Red Lion' for a pint and then complained that nobody spoke English. That gave the game away.

    Either that or it's a complete sack of shite.

    Both options are plausible.
  4. If enough fucktards on the interweb believe it it will come true?
  5. The landlord of the Red Lion refused to serve them, as they had a rule to bar soldiers from Hereford in Uniform.
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  6. I heard their dress policy doesn't allow black nasty to be worn indoors.
  7. I heard that the landlord of the Red Lion used to be a monkey at Devizes, and quoted Queens Regs at them, thus breaking their disguises.
  8. They were referring to each other with names like Paddy, dinger, legs, taff, and jock. Oh, and the Harry maskers across the eyes gave it away.
  9. RJK

    RJK Swinger

    Seems unlikely, but then again, who's to know. T'will never be reported..
  10. I did exactly that in Argentina (Mendoza). Had some Arsenal memorabilia hung up too. I did not however carry on to the Presidential Palace.
  11. I found something you might be interested in

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  12. Nonsense ... Cyril Clunge's ghost-writers are already hard at work and the story of Juliet Bravo Nine will be available on Kindle by late September.
  13. blah blah blah.... Sky News.
  14. I'd refuse to serve them too, can you imagine the damage a load of SAS will do to your pub as they blunder about with black nasty covering their eyes!