Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lewis, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. How do you do this,and how did you get on the secret menu?
  2. britishairborne keep checking your PM's mate :thumright:
  3. britishairborne keep checking your PM's mate
  4. Because hopefully they'll ask you the question, "Is your dad fucking stupid too?"
  5. Fuck off you long streak of piss
  6. Airborne, i take it as read that A) You aren't "airborne" and B) Your mother also happens to be your sister.
  7. I am not airborne but you a a fucking cunt so piss off
  8. Dont worry i will, but not after pointing out that you are a 15 year old chav with an attitude problem that needs glassing with an AIDs infested beer bottle you utter waste of space.
  9. What are you on about i asked a question and i get insulted by people,why? What a dick head you are.
  10. It was the most retarded question i have ever seen. If you weren't being serious then i apologise, but if not, please please get an educayshun.
  11. I was being serious i have just got that game and wondered if it was true sorry if i came across retarded.And i appologies for insulting you.
  12. Can somebody please cull this mong's posts - I was enjoying this thread until fucknuts started posting on it!
  13. With your quick thinking have you ever been called ricochet?

    I notice you still have your username "britishairborne", which is weird as you are a craphat and a fucking civilian.

    You walting piece of shit.

  14. If you re read convoys post, he tells you how to access the secret menu.

    Convoy isn't the sort of chap to give things away for free (aint that right Bradshaw?) so you will have to just keep trying.

    BTW, if you are on for a massive wah, not bad. If not, your parents should be locked up for producing such a fucking drain on humanity.
  15. if i was you i,d question your ability to take a bit of banter,if you can,t hack a bit of verbal and some piss taking then i,d stay chained to your fcuking play station and never venture into the army careers office!!! :?