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Riiight you Feckin w@nking feckstain cockwombling retromingent thundercuntfest!!!!


Edit- Should have been bunglecuntfest...Apols for error.
Riiight you Feckin w@nking feckstain cockwombling retromingent thundercuntfest!!!!


Edit- Should have been bunglecuntfest...Apols for error.
Very small place, but next to the stadiums, so plenty of room for a dust-up.
Or, in real life he keeps his neck wound in because he knows he'd probably get thumped if he behaved like he does on here?
Like I said...I'm a good judge of character. I have substantial quals and life experience that allow me to be so bold as to state so. It's different in pixels - or text..or even on the phone. When you see someone in person - you can 'tell'.

There is somebody else on here as well who...even in private message is- totally different to their outward persona. In fact... a few I could (but wont) name.

What is the point us falling out to the extent it extends beyond the internet? Like I said - I have had a massive change in perspective. It took my wife getting a "you should get his affairs in order" phonecall off a doctor did the trick.
I don't have anyone on ignore...and I never have done either. I see stuff and think "wtf" but... I scroll past. Unless it's on the cookery thread where I rule with an iron fist...cos them buggers need ruling.

It is getting beyond a joke on here now. Too many in REAL conflict. It's permeating everywhere's got to stop. Pushing boundaries to see how much insult we can inflict on each other - slating people's family members, people's marriages....

It's just not on, and it's not the arrse I joined. And i'm pretty certain many others will agree with me on that wrt to them also.

Can someone post the "down with this sort of thing" meme.

Ta :)
South Park is secretly located in the South of Seattle... right next to the sometimes flying thingies.
Bloody hell! So it is!!!

Needs levelling

Apart from....Amanda Knox...she'd seriously 'get it'.
I'm going bed now- on nights tomorrow so I'll probably read the fallout from this arsewaffle tomorrow evening.

As Snail would say...Play nicely
As I see it the abuse and conflicts have gone too far, and its all about Brexit.

BUT, there are some on this site who are still stuck on project fear, post lies and absolute rubbish.

Its time THEY moved on. The people have decided, the government have decided, the Queen has agreed.


As I alluded elsewhere, if you don't like a non EU UK, or don't think it will work, then FFS MOVE. Go and live in Latvia or somewhere.

I have a friend in this position, who decided portugese citizenship was the go. Three trips to Portugal, thousands in fees, and he has given up.

Why? “Cant be bothered”.....

Will Brexit go smoothly? No of course it wont. Will the UK collapse in a pile of shit? No of course it wont.

Grow up Gentlemen, you are adults now. Behave like it.
<Caveat..I've had a few beers>

I think we ALL need a massive change in perspective here.
We are all members of a 'vaguely based armed forces...etc etc forum' right?

I had a spat with BB around 3 years ago. It got pretty toxic. It coincided with a pretty life-changing...and potentially ending event for me.
I sorted my priorities out. Arguing online was not really worth it. There are REAL people out there who matter more.
Rewind to November... Sluggy's final 'march out'. I discovered BB was actually a REAL person as well. Yeah he has that stench of failure of never having served at sea (as most here do) but...I made allowances and dya know what?
He's a thoroughly sound bloke in the flesh.

I've been on this forum long enough to judge character. I'm an expert in judging character (an ex-matelot) I can easily tell when someone is putting on a front - that stems from living and working with people and breathing in each other's farts for extended periods of time over several see all sides get 'tuned' to it. @Jimmy_Green could possibly explain better...I'm pished.

This forum/website is getting more shiite. Because we are all taking it too personally...making arrse an actual extension of our real lifes...and it's got to fecking stop!

This place is - or bloody ought to be...a pitstop. Somewhere to come and banter / debate with like-minded people on a variety of topics. I think 'Banter' is the operative word but - too many of us ( I include myself in this) have taken the banter too far and extended into actual grievance. This is not only 'just not on' - it's also sad as feck.

Look at us..all us 'steely eyed dealers of death' or 'pressed buttons instructing steely eyed dealers of death' merchants ...reduced to fecking arguing over pixels. It's bloody sad, it really is. How can we spin dits of derring-do and try and black-cat each other on threads here when...on concurrent threads we are giving it "you're a poohead" etc??

I propose a big group hug and

@Badger_Heed et alia you can shut the feck up as well :)

I'm gonna regret this aren't I?
if he’s such a nice bloke, why is he such a w@nker?

please explain as you post makes no sense to me. You can’t be both
My view is that Bravo Bravo is sensible on sensible threads.

I suspect that I have formed that opinion because I don't see most of his postings that are being complained about, because I've already stopped reading threads that have already fallen into terminal decline.
Not since the days of Augustine, because he asked this very question, and addressed the matter of people taking the piss by waiting until the end of their lives to get baptised. That's roughly how we ended up with the doctrine of purgatory. It's not really a question of whether you accept the words of Christ, but whether you desire God above all else. The Church is about aiding people along that path, instead of leaving people to try and relate to some distant abstract deity.
People condemn themselves to Hell by distancing themselves from God through their own free will. Even Dawkins, hypothetically, could accept God after he croaks and go to Heaven. He might realise he's made a huge cock-up and spend time in purgatory before entering Heaven.
Purgatory that's not in heaven, that's Hull on Earth
He does tend to poke the sites toilets into perma sending, he did spend time in uniform and from what I’ve heard he is very capable at his role.

He is a friend of mine
and has helped me through my wife’s death, didn’t want to post this but, he is a good lad.
Bless her. Wasn't throat cancer, I hope.
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