Bravo two zero

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by sammnyni11, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Watching bravo two zero and still find it as interesting as the first time I watched it lol

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  2. Pity the real life version differed from the media versions
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  3. Ano but still good to watch lol

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  4. how can totally ******* up a patrol be a claim to fame ? Then writing a load of bollocks story about it just makes it worse. "Andy Mcnab" is now coming out of the woodwork, in his latest youtube he claims the SA80 is "a good bit of kit" which shows how much he knows, about anything. Mcnab and Ryan what a pair of tubes!
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  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Its fiction though, aint it? At least according to Peter Radcliffe, and just about everyone else who ever met or knew Steve Mitchell around that time.
  6. Bump

    Not just according to Peter Ratcliffe, seen today in a charity shop...

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  7. Is it **** fiction. I was with Steve on the balcony.

    You *****.
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  8. Having read the book early on I was mostly impressed, the author has done selection, made Sjt and is adjudged competent enough to plan and lead a patrol. But when the weights they were planning on carrying were touched on I had second thoughts about the whole op; if you're carrying so much weight that you leave behind puritabs to save weight it seems a bit silly.

    By the end of the book I wondered why none of the other patrols, which seemed to have made a better job of it got any praise at all.

    The fact it is always obtainable in charity shops, like Dan Brown books and 'Girl with the dragon tattoo' trilogy speaks for itself.
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  9. I thought the other patrols bugged out, it's a while since I read it so I'm probably mistaken. AFAIK non of the blokes in the other patrols wrote any books about their exploits - B20 must have cleared out the regimental creative writing troop.
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  10. What's a Sjt? ???
  11. Its what Andy McNabs original regiment have between Cpl and Staffy in the rank structure.
  12. [wahshield]

    errr a Serjeant like in the Royal Green Jackets. Like a Sergeant in the Royal Anglians only he marches funny

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  13. The alternative Bravo Two Zero written up on here a couple of years ago by I can't remember who, (I think he had a wolf as an avtar) was good and if I ever recover my old PC that crashed I might finish reading it.
  14. After a bit of a search it was done by MISTERSOFT and it wasn't a couple of years, it started on 30 Mar 6 years ago.
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